February 3, 2012

TV Clip of the Day: Real Housewives of Late Night in Indianapolis

Yes, I know we just posted the SNL parody of the Real Housewives Reunion Specials yesterday, but the fact that today's TV Clip of the Day is also a Real Housewives parody is just a coincidence.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has done many great TV show parodies such as "7th Floor West" (The Hills), "6-Bee" (Glee), "Late" (Lost), and "Jersey Floor" (Jersey Shore), but perhaps their best parody show is "The Real Housewives of Late Night" (the Real Housewives shows).  The series follows the wives of Jimmy Fallon and members of his crew (played by the actual men in drag), and as you'd expect, it contains lots of (hilarious) drama!  While typically the housewives are hanging around the Late Night set in New York, since Jimmy took Late Night to the Indianapolis this week for the Super Bowl, this extra special episode of "Real Housewives of Late Night" takes place in Indianapolis.  And when the "wives" of the Indianapolis Colts show up, you know lots of drama will go down!  Enjoy the clip below, and then be sure to check out all the old episodes of "The Real Housewives of Late Night" here! And don't miss an extra special live edition of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in Indianapolis this Sunday night at 11:30 after the Super Bowl!

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