February 27, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: James Spader to leave The Office

Wow, it sure is a busy news day!  James Spader, who joined the cast of The Office this season following the departure of Steve Carell, has announced that he will not be returning to the show next season (assuming the show is picked up for a 9th season).  We haven't really been big fans of Spader's Robert California character, so we are kind of glad to see him go.  The last few California-less episodes have been really great, so it seems like the show does better without him.  

So the question now is who will take over as CEO of Sabre?  Perhaps Catherine Tate's Nellie will step in?  Or Kathy Bates will return as Jo?  Or will a new name join the cast?  Will The Office even return next fall?  We'll keep you posted as we learn more!

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