February 22, 2012

Shows On Other Shows - SNL on The Office - UPDATED

Earlier this month, we had a post of all of the references to Saturday Night Live that have appeared on The Office.  Well, we thought of another one!  In the season 4 finale"Goodbye, Toby", after Michael first meets Holly, when they're sitting on the floor fixing her chair, Holly makes a joke and then Michael says "Acting!".  Holly and Michael then repeatedly shout "Acting!", and then finally Holly says "Lovitz", to which Michael agrees. This is a reference to the catchphrase of former SNL cast member Jon Lovitz's classic character Master Thespian.  

You can see the clip from The Office in this fan-made You Tube video at the 28 second mark: 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxBKc3IVrps (embedding for the clip was disabled).  
You can view the SNL sketch here:

We'll be sure to post more as we think of them.  Comment and let us know if you can think of any others!

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