May 9, 2010

TV Clip of the Day: Bronx Beat with Betty White

The legendary Betty White hosted SNL last night, and what a show it was! Not only was she the host, but past SNL cast members Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer all returned to the show last night for a big Mother's Day special! With these old cast members back on SNL, we saw the return of some classic sketches such as Delicious Dish, classic characters such as Molly Shannon's Sally O'Mally, and class impressions such as Maya Rudolph's Whitney Houston. However, one thing that we did not see was the return of our favorite SNL sketch, Bronx Beat. We've blogged about the sketch before and posted it here a few times, and with the return of Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, we really thought we might get the chance to see it come back, but unfortunately, it never happened.

That was, until this morning, when I read that they did indeed film a new Bronx Beat sketch during dress rehearsal! (There was also a cut Debbie Downer sketch too!) It was cut from the live show, but with the magic of the Internet, it is now available online! Here it is:

March 6, 2010

TV Clip of the Day: Behind the Scenes

Today, I found 2 great clips from behind the scenes of two of my favorite shows. The first clip is a candid video of the cast of Community finding out that they've just been renewed for a second season!
By the way, The Office, 30 Rock, and Parks & Recreation have all been renewed as well! Our NBC Thursday night line up stays intact!

The second clip of the day is behind the scenes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. This past Monday was the 1 year anniversary of the show, and to surprise him, The Roots and the rest of the crew presented him with a huge cake, complete with figurines of The Roots and icing photos from the show:

Congrats to Community and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

February 28, 2010

TV Star Spotlight: Alec Baldwin

Everyone knows that Alec Baldwin is amazing as Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock. He's won 3 Golden Globes and 2 Emmy's for the role. You may even know that Alec Baldwin has appeared in may films over the years, from older films like Beetlejuice and Glengarry Glen Ross to more recent films such as My Best Friend's Girl and It's Complicated. But, did you know that before 30 Rock he guest starred on many popular TV shows? Here's a few of our favorites:

Will & Grace
On Will & Grace, Alec Baldwin appeared as the character of Malcolm. Malcolm hires Will to work for his charity, but Will soon finds out that Malcolm is actually a secret government agent protecting the identity of Karen's dead husband Stanley, who is actually alive. Malcolm appeared in the last few episodes of Season 7 and the first few of Season 8. Here is a clip from the Season 8 live premier episode:

Alec Baldwin appears in two back-to-back episodes of Friends as Parker, Phoebe's overly positive and very enthusiastic boyfriend. In his first episode, he appears very briefly at the end of the episode, when he first meets Phoebe. But it is in the next episode, The One with Massapequa, where he truly shines. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find a clip from Friends on the internet (unless you want one that is either not in English or very bad quality) so this brief clip of the episode is the best I could find. I encourage you to go out and watch the whole episode, because he's really quite funny throughout the episode.

Saturday Night Live
Alec Baldwin has hosted SNL a total of 14 times, second only to Steve Martin who hosted 15 times (be sure to watch the Academy Awards next Sunday, March 7 when the two of them co-host together). It's hard to pick just one clip from all of Alec's SNL appearances, but I chose "The Tony Bennett Show" because Baldwin's Tony Bennett impression is just amazing. And in this particular clip, the real Tony Bennett pops in and the two Tony Bennetts sing together. Enjoy!

February 27, 2010

TV Clip of the Day: Jimmy Fallon. Neil Young. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This is a few weeks old, but I just had to post it:

And in case you forgot the original:
(This is actually the rare extended version with two extra verses, only shown before the first 3 episodes)

February 6, 2010

January 23, 2010

TV Clip of the Day: Serving as Juror

Yesterday I got assigned as a juror to a case. The case went a little something like this:

TV Clip of the Day: Jury Duty

Last week, I had to miss work because of Jury Duty. It went a little something like this:

TV Clip of the Day: Do I have Jury Duty?

Last week I got summoned for Jury Duty. I had to call this number at 5:00 the night before to see if I had to report the next day. It went a little something like this:

January 14, 2010

TV Clip of the Day: Adam Sandler on The Cosby Show

Alicia Keys isn't the only one who appeared on The Cosby Show before she was famous! Did you know that Adam Sandler had a recurring role on the show as Theo's friend Smitty? Here's a compilation of a few of his scenes from The Cosby Show:

January 10, 2010

Clip of the Day: Alicia Keys on The Cosby Show

Last Night, Alicia Keys was the musical guest on SNL. She also did a bit of acting, appearing in the Digital Short with Andy Samberg. But, did you know that she appeared on the Cosby Show back when she was only 4 years old? She appeared in the classic Season 1 episode "Slumber Party", where Rudy invites over her friends for a slumber party, and Bill Cosby just plays with the kids all day. Here's a clip from the episode, which includes the classic "Riding on the knee horse" scene. Alicia Keys is the last girl to go (though she kind of looks like a boy with her hair). She starts at the 3:25 mark. Be sure to stay tuned after she's done, for Peter's (the chubby white boy) hilarious ride. Peter is probably my favorite character on the show.

And here she is all grown up in the SNL Digital Short last night!