August 7, 2013

Stephen Colbert's Dance Video for Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"

Last week, we wrote about Stephen Colbert's random appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where Stephen and Jimmy randomly danced to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky". At the time we had no idea what was going on, but now we have the answer.  As part of Colbert's annual "StepPhest Colbchella" music festival, Daft Punk was scheduled to appear on the Report last night to perform "Get Lucky". While they ultimately weren't able to appear due to a crazy contractual obligation, Colbert put together this amazing video of him dancing along to "Get Lucky" with various celebrity guests, including, you guessed it, Jimmy Fallon.  Watch the epic video below, which includes his dance-off with Jimmy Fallon, plus many other surprise guests.  It all makes sense now...

The Colbert Report
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August 6, 2013

SNL: Best of Jason Sudeikis

During a recent interview with David Letterman, Jason Sudeikis finally confirmed the long-running rumor that he was ending his time as a cast member on Saturday Night Live.  He was originally rumored to be leaving prior to last season, so we were pretty lucky he stuck around for last season, but we are still of course very sad to see him go. Jason joined SNL as a writer in 2003 but soon joined the cast in May 2005.  Below are some of our favorite Jason Sudeikis sketches throughout his more than 8 years as a cast member on the show (organized as a "Best Of" special):

Cold Open: Mitt Romney
During the 2012 Presidential campaign season, Jason became known for his spot-on impression of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

Twinkle & Stink
One of my all-time favorite SNL sketches featuring Jason and Will Forte as Twinkle and Stink, hilarious sports commentators for sporting events sponsored by feminine hygiene products:

Two A-Holes
One of Jason's first big characters was as one of the two "a-holes" in this popular sketch with Kristen Wiig:

August 5, 2013

TV Stars in Hilarious New Mumford & Sons Music Video

While we don't usually follow the band Mumford & Sons, we really love their latest music video for the song "Hopeless Wanderer".  Check out the hilarious video below which features a few of our favorite TV stars: 

And in case you couldn't recognize them, that was Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte, The Office's Ed Helms, and Arrested Development's Jason Bateman!

August 3, 2013

SNL Best of Fred Armisen

When SNL returns in September for its 39th season, it will be missing 3 of its most popular and longest running cast members. We've been a little delayed in giving each cast member his proper "Best Of" farewell post, but we're gonna try to fix that during the next few days.

First up is Fred Armisen, one of our favorites, who joined the show back in 2002 and left the show this year completing 11 seasons. The great thing about Fred is he could play any race, either gender, do any accent, and always came up with crazy and original characters. Below, we provide our favorite Fred Armisen sketches during his 11 year stint on the show, organized as a "Best Of" DVD (though sadly they don't seem to be releasing SNL DVDs as often as they used to).  

Cold Open: Obama
Fred may have passed the Obama baton to Jay Pharoah last season, but to the casual viewer Fred will probably be remembered as "They guy who played Obama".  

The Californians
Fred really seems to love this sketch. While the format can be a little repetitious with each time it recurred, it was one of his most popular sketches from his later years on the show. 

One of Fred's earliest recurring characters was Ferecito, known for his catch phrase "Ay Dios Mio!".