August 7, 2013

Stephen Colbert's Dance Video for Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"

Last week, we wrote about Stephen Colbert's random appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where Stephen and Jimmy randomly danced to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky". At the time we had no idea what was going on, but now we have the answer.  As part of Colbert's annual "StepPhest Colbchella" music festival, Daft Punk was scheduled to appear on the Report last night to perform "Get Lucky". While they ultimately weren't able to appear due to a crazy contractual obligation, Colbert put together this amazing video of him dancing along to "Get Lucky" with various celebrity guests, including, you guessed it, Jimmy Fallon.  Watch the epic video below, which includes his dance-off with Jimmy Fallon, plus many other surprise guests.  It all makes sense now...

The Colbert Report
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August 6, 2013

SNL: Best of Jason Sudeikis

During a recent interview with David Letterman, Jason Sudeikis finally confirmed the long-running rumor that he was ending his time as a cast member on Saturday Night Live.  He was originally rumored to be leaving prior to last season, so we were pretty lucky he stuck around for last season, but we are still of course very sad to see him go. Jason joined SNL as a writer in 2003 but soon joined the cast in May 2005.  Below are some of our favorite Jason Sudeikis sketches throughout his more than 8 years as a cast member on the show (organized as a "Best Of" special):

Cold Open: Mitt Romney
During the 2012 Presidential campaign season, Jason became known for his spot-on impression of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

Twinkle & Stink
One of my all-time favorite SNL sketches featuring Jason and Will Forte as Twinkle and Stink, hilarious sports commentators for sporting events sponsored by feminine hygiene products:

Two A-Holes
One of Jason's first big characters was as one of the two "a-holes" in this popular sketch with Kristen Wiig:

August 5, 2013

TV Stars in Hilarious New Mumford & Sons Music Video

While we don't usually follow the band Mumford & Sons, we really love their latest music video for the song "Hopeless Wanderer".  Check out the hilarious video below which features a few of our favorite TV stars: 

And in case you couldn't recognize them, that was Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte, The Office's Ed Helms, and Arrested Development's Jason Bateman!

August 3, 2013

SNL Best of Fred Armisen

When SNL returns in September for its 39th season, it will be missing 3 of its most popular and longest running cast members. We've been a little delayed in giving each cast member his proper "Best Of" farewell post, but we're gonna try to fix that during the next few days.

First up is Fred Armisen, one of our favorites, who joined the show back in 2002 and left the show this year completing 11 seasons. The great thing about Fred is he could play any race, either gender, do any accent, and always came up with crazy and original characters. Below, we provide our favorite Fred Armisen sketches during his 11 year stint on the show, organized as a "Best Of" DVD (though sadly they don't seem to be releasing SNL DVDs as often as they used to).  

Cold Open: Obama
Fred may have passed the Obama baton to Jay Pharoah last season, but to the casual viewer Fred will probably be remembered as "They guy who played Obama".  

The Californians
Fred really seems to love this sketch. While the format can be a little repetitious with each time it recurred, it was one of his most popular sketches from his later years on the show. 

One of Fred's earliest recurring characters was Ferecito, known for his catch phrase "Ay Dios Mio!".

July 30, 2013

Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert Reunite for Random Dance-Off!

Here at We Like TV we have been carefully monitoring the ever-changing relationship between two of our favorite comedians/late night hosts: Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert.  The two have been through it all, from best friends to eternal enemies, their friendship has certainly had its ups and downs.  The pair haven't done much together since their fun "Ivory and Ivory" duet back in February, and with the guests on last night's Late Night billed as just Mark Wahlberg and Poppy Montgomery, we certainly weren't expecting the two to reunite. But just as Jimmy finished his monologue and sat at his desk, Daft Punk's smash hit "Get Lucky" started to play. Seconds later, Stephen Colbert emerged for some random dancing with Jimmy, before vanishing just as randomly as he appeared. Check it out below:

July 20, 2013

Bob Saget and Jesse and The Rippers on Late Night!

We haven't been blogging much during these summer months due to the lack of our usual TV shows on air and the overall laziness that the heat has caused, but after watching this clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, we just had to dust off the old blog to post it.  In the clip, Late Night writer Arthur Meyer comes out during Bob Saget's interview to read him a fan letter he wrote him when he was just 8 years old.  The exchange is hilarious and we were laughing so hard we could barely breathe: 

And if that wasn't enough, in this "Backstage" internet-exclusive video, Bob Saget actually sits down with Arthur for an extended discussion, in which he reads through the letter again and actually answers each of the questions that were asked.  

And if that wasn't enough Full House nostalgia for you, on the follow night's Late Night the musical guest was none other than Jesse and The Rippers, the fictional band that Uncle Jesse sang in on Full House.  Check out Jesse and the Rippers singing a medley of their biggest hits below, featuring a cameo appearance by Bob Saget in the audience, and a surprise guest at the end!

And in case you need a reminder, here's the official music video of "Forever" (which lead off the medley) that originally aired as part of an episode of Full House.

May 9, 2013

Our Recap of The Office Wrap Party in Scranton!

office wrap party

Last Saturday we made the 2 hour drive to Scranton, Pennsylvania for The Office Wrap Party!  To mark the end of the show (the finale airs next Thursday!) thousands of fans flocked to the hometown of Dunder Mifflin joined by most of The Office cast and crew!  Here's our recap of the day!

We missed the Blogger's Breakfast and Behind the Scenes Panel in the morning and arrived in Scranton around 2:00 in time for the parade.  Each of the cast members sat on the back of an open car as it slowly drove down the street with fans cheering them on along the curb:

The crowd anxiously awaits the arrival of the cast members.

Andy Buckley (David Wallace) leads the pack wearing his "Suck It" sweat shirt.

Ellie Kemper (Erin) followed behind.

Craig Robinson (Daryl) waving to the crowd.

Creed's arrival is greeted with lots of cheers.

Responding to someone chanting "Take off your shirt!" Creed flashes the crowd.

April 28, 2013

Kate McKinnon Impersonates Ellen on "Ellen"!

We've previously posted about how much we love Kate McKinnon's impression of Ellen Degeneres on Saturday Night Live.  (You can watch the full sketch here.)  Well last week the two Ellens finally came face to face when Kate McKinnon was a guest on Ellen's show.  At first she came out as her self and talked to Ellen about what a huge honor it is to meet her and chatted about her audition for Saturday Night Live:

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Then Ellen handed her a duplicate set of her clothes so she could come back in character as Ellen. The two Ellens then had some fun together in their chairs before getting up to dance around the set:

Lastly, as a web-exclusive bonus clip, here's the real Ellen and Kate McKinnon's Ellen hanging out with Ellen's wife Portia de Rossi (of Arrested Development fame) after the show:  

April 27, 2013

Final 3 SNL Hosts of the Season!

The final three SNL hosts of the season have just been announced, and we could not be more excited!  Closing out SNL's 38th season will be:

5/4 Zach Galifianakis (with musical guest Of Monsters and Men)
After successfully hosting twice before, Zach Galifianakis (I hope I'm pronouncing that right) will return as SNL host for his third time next Saturday! Zach is one of our all-time favorite hosts, so we're very excited to see him back.  While Zach is great in sketches, it is his monologues that have really become quite legendary.  From one-liners at the piano to lip-syncing "Tomorrow" in a red dress, anything goes in a Galifianakis monologue.  Check out his first two monologues below.  (If you enjoy them, you should really check out his DVD "Live at the Purple Onion", which as he points out below, is "selling like whatever the opposite of hot cakes is."  We own the DVD and it is quite hilarious).    Can't wait to see what he does this time!

5/11 Kristen Wiig (with musical guest Vampire Weekend)
After departing the SNL cast at the end of last season, Kristen Wiig will make her much anticipated return to the show as a first-time host!  (She did have a brief cameo earlier this season in the Martin Short episode, but that doesn't really count.)  Kristen is one if the most beloved SNL cast members of the past decade, so we're really looking forward to seeing her back on the show.  She will undoubtedly bring back some of her classic characters with her, but which ones will it be? And will she bring along her good pal John Hamm for a cameo?  We'll find out soon enough!  Below are a few of our favorite Kristen Wiig characters that we're hoping show up when she hosts:

April 17, 2013

Getting Excited for the End of The Office

Today is April 16 (well it was when I started writing this, it's now technically April 17).  In exactly 1 month from today yesterday, on May 16, The Office will air its final episode ever.  Only 4 episodes remain (the last 2 are both hour-long episodes), and we could not be more excited to see how the 9-season long series will come to an end.  The storylines in the episodes lately have been really great, and we've been eagerly awaiting each new episode, while simultaneously dreading how much closer we are to never seeing new episodes again.

Since Michael Scott left the series at the end of Season 7, his presence has been sorely missed on the show.  But what was also bothersome was that after being such a major part of The Office for almost seven years, he was hardly ever mentioned on the show after his departure.  When watching new episodes, it was almost as if Michael Scott had never existed.  Fortunately, as the show is coming to an end, though Steve Carell will reportedly not be returning to the show to reprise Michael Scott, the writers have been writing in some Michael references to show that he's not forgotten.  In a great throw-back to classic Office (particularly the Pilot episode), in the recent episode "Moving On", Pam interviews for a new job in Philadelphia, and her potential new manager is quite reminiscent of her former boss (there's more after the Toby/Nellie scene):

(Fun Fact: Bob Odenkirk, who plays the Michael Scott-esque boss, actually was considered for the role of Michael Scott when the show was first getting cast back in 2005!)

Another exciting aspect of these final episodes of The Office is that we're finally starting to see this documentary come together. Earlier this season we actually met some of the documentary crew, and in the episode "Promos", the Dunder Mifflin employees actually watch a promo for the documentary that they star in!  (And for the first time since he left the show in season 7, Michael Scott actually appears on-screen!)

And to further build our excitement for the end of The Office, John Krasinski (Jim) has produced a 10-episode web series entitled "The Office Farewells" which features various actors who have appeared on The Office looking back and talking about what The Office has meant to them.  So far only the first installment is available, and it features none other than the great Will Ferrell reminiscing about his classic Office role of Deangelo Vickers:

Only four episodes left!  Can't wait to see how it all ends!

April 8, 2013

Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy

Last weekend Melissa McCarthy returned to host SNL , and although she did a good job (though not as great as her first time hosting), our favorite part of the show was the return of Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy!  While we don't always love Vanessa Bayer's characters, ,this one is one of our favorites currently on the show.  The accent is hilarious, but what really makes it great is the facial expressions.  Vanessa, a 31 year old woman, really becomes this 13 year old boy.  I love Jacob's goofy smile after he tells each corny joke, and how quickly he goes back to his serious speech.  He also has great chemistry with Seth, who really seems to be amused by Jacob.  So far, Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy has appeared twice at the Weekend Update desk.  Here's his appearance from last weekend's show talking about Passover, followed by his appearance last December talking about Chanukah:

While Seth always introduces Jacob as a "recent Bar Mitzvah Boy", did you know that we've actually seen Jacob's Bar Mitzvah?  Before Jacob became a recurring Weekend Update character, he starred in a sketch which featured many musical impressions of popular celebrities singing Jewish parodies at his Bar Mitzvah. The sketch aired back in 2011 and features host Gwyneth Paltrow as Taylor Swift and musical guest Cee Lo Green as himself:

Hopefully we'll see some more of Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy soon! Although there aren't really many Jewish holidays coming up.  Maybe Jacob can explain to everyone the story of Shavuot?

April 7, 2013

Jimmy Fallon to Take Over The Tonight Show! And Seth Meyers Taking Over Late Night?

After weeks of speculation, it was finally confirmed that Jimmy Fallon will be the next host of The Tonight Show!  He will take over the position from Jay Leno in February around the time of the 2014 Winter Olympics.  Before the news was officially confirmed on Wednesday, Jimmy and Jay had a little fun with the rumors on Monday night's show:

Then on Wednesday  after the news broke, Jimmy could finally talk about it openly with his viewers.  He seemed truly gracious and excited about his new role:

As FalPals, we're of course very excited that Jimmy was given the prestigious job of hosting the legendary television institution that is The Tonight Show.  However, we are also a bit concerned. It's hard to forget what happened to Conan O'Brien, who like Jimmy, was given The Tonight Show after successfully hosting Late Night, only to be fired due to low ratings after a few short months.  While we're optimistic that it will work out better for Jimmy, since his comedy is a bit more broad than Conan's (and Jay Leno is now 5 years older and less likely to try to take the show back), The Tonight Show is more heavily scrutinized than Late Night, where Jimmy was free to do whatever he wanted.  Hopefully Jimmy's comedy translates to 11:30, and he'll host The Tonight Show for many years to come!

Jimmy taking over The Tonight Show also yields the question of who will take over as the new host of Late Night.  While no official host has been named yet, according to various reports online, SNL's Seth Meyers is in final talks for the job and is widely expected to accept the position.  This makes a lot of sense because like Jimmy, Seth has succeeded on SNL (both were Weekend Update anchors) and with Lorne Michaels serving as Executive Producers of both shows, it would be a very easy transition.  If Seth does end up taking the job, we will of course be sad to see him leave SNL, but he has been on the show for almost 12 years, so its certainly understandable that he'd want to move on to something else, and he certainly seems suitable for the role of Late Night host.  While he mainly serves as Weekend Update anchor on SNL, he's also the show's head writer, which means he would have a lot of great ideas for for material on his own show.  And though he hasn't appeared in many non-Weekend Update sketches lately, in his earlier years he frequently did many impressions (John Kerry, Anderson Cooper) and characters (The Needlers, David Zinger), which will come in handy for doing all sorts of topical bits.  But of course what matters most is how he does behind a desk talking to guests.  And as evidenced by his many appearances on Late Night, he's very funny and comfortable when talking on light night shows.  Here'a a clip of him talking to Jimmy Fallon on Late Night.  This aired the night of Hurricane Sandy and there was no one in the audience:

And if Seth is looking for a sidekick, we can think of no one better than his own brother Josh Meyers. Josh, who starred on SNL's competitor sketch series MADtv, has often appeared on Late Night with his brother Seth to play the Sibling Game.  The two clearly have great chemistry.

So will Seth take over Late Night from Jimmy?  Hopefully we'll find out soon! If he does, looks like we'll be watching 2 hours of TV every night!

April 3, 2013

Melissa McCarthy and Vince Vaughn Return to SNL!

The next SNL hosts have been announced, and it looks like we'll have two funny people returning to host for their second times!

4/6 Melissa McCarthy (with musical guest Phoenix)

After a 3 week hiatus, SNL returns with host Melissa McCarthy!  Melissa was one of the best hosts of last season, so we're very excited to see her return to the show.  She seemed very comfortable on the show, really getting into each of the crazy characters that she portrayed in her hilarious episode.  She's also not afraid to get down and dirty, as evidenced by the "Taste Test" sketch posted below.  Her hosting also raises the question of whether Kristen Wiig will return to reunite with her former Bridesmaids co-star.  While Kristen made a brief cameo in the Martin Short hosted episode, it would be great to see her and Melissa together again for a whole sketch, as they have great chemistry together as evidenced by Melissa's monologue last season.  Check out Melissa's monologue with Kristen Wiig and the hilarious "Taste Test" sketch from Melisa's first time hosting, followed by a preview for this Saturday's show!

4/13 Vince Vaughn (with musical guest Miguel)

After Melissa McCarthy it will be Vince Vaughn's turn to host.  Vaughn will be returning to SNL for the first time in 15 years since first hosting back in 1998.  While we haven't seen many of Vaughn's more recent films, we did enjoy some of his earlier movies (Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball, etc.) so we know he's a funny guy.  It should be interesting to see him back on SNL after so long.  Perhaps one of his fellow "Frat Pack" members like Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, or Owen Wilson will make an appearance?  We'll soon find out!  Below, check out some sketches from his first time hosting.  First, Vaughn stars opposite in Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon in "Dog Show", and then Vaughn, Tracy Morgan, and Tim Meadows appear in "Pimp Chat".  

And here's a promo for the show!

April 1, 2013

Too Much Tuna!

In honor of April Fool's Day, we thought we'd share with you a clip from our favorite prank show - Too Much Tuna!  The hilarious bit from Kroll Show stars Nick Kroll and SNL writer John Mulaney as two old pranksters pranking their subject with, well, take a look...

March 17, 2013

Best Comedy Bits from Justin Timberweek on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Last week was "Justin Timberweek" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where Justin Timberlake was the interview guest on Monday and Friday's show, and he performed as musical guest each night of the week.  But in addition to that, Timberlake participated in many comedy bits, and as evidenced by his hilarious 5 times hosting SNL, Timberlake is great when it comes to comedy sketches.  

After kicking off the week with a two-part interview and musical performance on Monday night's show,  he did his first bit on Tuesday by joining the Ragtime Gals in a Barbershop Quartet version of his hit song "Sexyback":

Wednesday night's show contained two great bits. First, Justin and Jimmy impersonate Michael McDonald singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" in the round, only to be joined by the real Michael McDonald himself!

Later in the show, Jimmy and Steve Carell showed a clip of their Canadian soap opera "Jacob's Patience", where Steve made everyone in the cast use mannequin arms.  Justin Timberlake of course joined in as well:

March 16, 2013

TV Star Spotlight: Jenny Slate

It seems lately that Jenny Slate, the short-lived SNL star from the 2009/2010 season, has been popping up all over our TV screen. So we thought we'd take a look back at some of our favorite Jenny Slate TV appearances (plus one viral viral video sensation)!  Check it out:

We first saw Jenny Slate on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's recurring series 7th Floor West, a spot-on parody of The Hills.  Jenny played Jenny, an NBC page who Jimmy finds attractive and eventually hires to be his assistant:

That bit must have caught the eye of Lorne Michaels (who is the executive producer of both SNL and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) because shortly after that Jenny was cast on Saturday Night Live.  Though she only lasted one year, we were always big fans of her work on the show, especially her recurring character of Tina Tina Chanuse:

After leaving SNL, Jenny created the adorable viral video sensation "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On". Jenny co-wrote the film and voices the titular character of Marcel, a tiny shell wearing shoes.  The video was so successful (it has over 20 million views on YouTube) that it later spawned a sequel video and even a hardcover book.  Check out the original "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On" and the sequel below:

March 11, 2013

Classic SNL References on JT Hosted SNL

Justin Timberlake returned to Saturday Night Live to host for the 5th time last weekend, and he brought along with him a slew of former SNL hosts and cast members making surprise appearances    on the show.  But in addition to that, there were many references to classic SNL that some younger or more casual fans may not be too familiar with.  Below, we breakdown some of these references that you may have missed.

When it was first announced that Justin Timberlake was going to be this week's SNL host, much was made of the fact that it was his 5th time hosting and that he would be joining the prestigious "Five Timers Club".  The "Five Timers Club" has been references many times on SNL, but it all started back in 1990 when Tom Hanks hosted for his 5th time. His classic monologue was mirrored quite closely by Justin Timberlake's monologue, by showing the audience his official Five Timers Club membership card, going to the Five Timers Club Lounge, and being greeted Paul Simon, Steve Martin, and other people who have hosted the show at least five times.  It's also interesting to note that Justin Timberlake's monologue had the Five Timers Club lounge doorman played by a mostly unknown SNL writer named Mike O'Brien, (host of the web series 7 Minutes in Heaven).  The Five Timers Club lounge doorman for Tom Hanks was also an unknown SNL writer at the time, who happens to share Mike O'Brien's last name - a very young Conan O'Brien.  Check out the similarities and differences between the the two monologues below:

When it was announced that Justin would be hosting there was also a lot of speculation about if Andy Samberg, who left the show at the end of last season, would return to reunite with Justin Timberlake to play the guys from the "D*ck in a Box" Digital Shorts.  To the delight of many fans, Andy did in fact return and everyone's favorite 90's R&B duo was back on the show, but they weren't the only ones!  Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd, who were previously seen in the "Five Timers Club" monologue (above), reprised another popular SNL duo - the "Wild and Crazy Guys"!  Steve Martin hosted many times back in the 70's, and he and Dan Aykroyd would often play the Festrunk Brothers, two Czechoslovakian  swingers who go around looking for some "American foxes" to hook up with.  Known for their over-usage of American expressions and their popular catch phrase "We are two wild and crazy guys!"  the sketch was done four times during the 70's, as well as one time in 1998 with Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan's Roxbury Guys characters.  Here's the historic return of the Festrunk Brothers, followed by a classic Festrunk sketch from 1978:

When Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Chevy Chase all appeared together in the Five Timers Club monologue, Justin Timberlake said exactly what I was shouting to my TV set at home, "It's the Three Amigos!"  Three Amigos (which eagle-eyed fans might recognize from the movie poster in the back of Lorne's office from some of the "Laser Cats" Digital Shorts, pictured to the right) was a 1986 comedy film written by SNL Creator/Executive Producer Lorne Michaels and Steve Martin (along with singer/songwriter Randy Newman) starring Martin, Short, and Chase as actors who star in a series of successful western films as the crime fighting trio The Three Amigos.  A woman in a poor Mexican village sees the Three Amigos in a movie and writes to them to help save their village from the evil bandito named El Guapo (which if anyone knows Spanish, comically translates to "The Handsome").  Due to a misunderstanding, the Three Amigos think she wants them to come to film a movie, not realizing that the terrifying El Guapo is actually real.  Hilarity ensues.  During the monologue, Timberlake asked them to do "The Three Amigo Salute", to which only Martin Short took part in.  Later in the show however, the Three Amigos return, in full costume, and all do the Three Amigo Salute in unison as they introduce Justin Timberlake's second musical performance:

And here's the actual Three Amigos Salute from the film.  The best six seconds in cinematic history:

Finally, this is my personal favorite scene from the film.  To set up the clip, a German man walks into this saloon and warns everyone that his very tough and fast-shooting friends will be arriving soon, and that they don't mess around.  Of course, The Three Amigos then enter, with everyone in the saloon frightened thinking that they're the tough friends of the German.  Once again, hilarity ensues:

Let us know if we missed any other classic SNL references from the episode!  And if you haven't seen Three Amigos, you should really check it out. Highly recommended.

March 3, 2013

Jimmy Fallon gets Quizzed in the Face!

Last Friday, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon reached a big milestone when it celebrated its 4-year anniversary.  To celebrate, they had a big show featuring a lineup of legends including Mariah Carey and musical guest Prince.  But our favorite part of the show was the short segment in between featuring one of our favorite new comics - Billy Eichner!

We've previously posted about how much we love the show Billy on the Street.  On the show, Billy runs around the streets of New York playing various games such as "Quizzed in the Face" or "For a Dollar" by asking strangers random pop culture questions for money.  Well on Friday's show, he decided to play a round of "Quizzed in the Face" with Jimmy Fallon, using his audience for the lifelines.  The results were hilarious.  Check out Billy's short interview followed by a rousing game of "Quizzed in the Face" with Jimmy Fallon below!

And in case you've never seen a real game of "Quizzed in the Face" on Billy on the Street, here's a clip from the show, featuring one of the best contestants in Billy on the Street history, Mr. Singh:

Catch Billy on the Street every Friday night at 10:00pm on FUSE!

February 28, 2013

Cosby Show Reunion on Guys with Kids!

Last month, we wrote about how excited we were to see Guys with Kids star Tempestt Bledsoe reuniting with her old Cosby Show co-star Bill Cosby on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  At the time, we were hoping to see Bill Cosby guest on Guys with Kids so he could act opposite his former TV daughter.  Unfortunately, that never happened.  But, we did get the next best thing!  Keisha Knight Pulliam, who played youngest Huxtable child Rudy on The Cosby Show, appeared on Guys with Kids to reunite with her former TV sister!  She once again played the sister of Tempestt's character, and it was great seeing the two back on TV together.  Check out a clip of the Cosby Show reunion on Guys with Kids:

This was the show's Season Finale (and based on the show's low ratings, it unfortunately might be the Series Finale) so I'm glad we got to see at least one Cosby Show star stop by.  Also, based on the plot of the episode (Gary gives Marnie's sister a job to help him with his Wrapkins business), if the show does get renewed, it looks like Keisha Knight Pulliam might be back!  Here's hoping we haven't seen the last of Guys with Kids!

And here's an old clip of Tempestt Bledoe and Keisha Knight Pulliam as Vanessa and Rudy on The Cosby Show:

February 24, 2013

Checking in with Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert's Friendship

Over the last year or so, we have been meticulously been keeping track of the very unique relationship between Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert.  First they were Best Friends Forever for Six Months.  Then they were Eternal Enemies for Six Months.  And then, things got kind of awkward.  (To see a detailed account of their relationship, scroll through our previous posts here.)  Last week Stephen  came onto Jimmy's show to discuss the current status of their friendship, and they ended up singing another great musical duet.  Check it out:


Kevin Hart and Justin Timberlake to Host SNL (and LNJF)!

There was no new SNL episode last night, but we got two great hosts coming up:

3/2 Kevin Hart (with musical guest Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)

Comedian Kevin Hart will be hosting for the first time this Saturday, and we couldn't be more excited.  I've seen some of his standup on TV and he's definitely a very funny guy.  And while I haven't seen his breakout role in the film Think Like a Man, I have seen him in a few episodes of Modern Family, so I know he can act as well.  You never know quite know what to expect when someone hosts for the first time, but I got a feeling Kevin Hart will not disappoint.  Since most of his standup is too dirty for this site, here's a (very) short clip of Kevin Hart on Modern Family, followed by his SNL promo:

3/9 Justin Timberlake

The following weekend Justin Timberlake will return to SNL as he joins the prestigious "5-Timers Club" by hosting and performing as musical guest.    Justin Timberlake is one of the all-time great SNL hosts, probably the best host of the last decade.  When he first hosted almost 10 years ago back in 2003, he was primarily known as a music star.  His amazing hosting job on SNL really started his acting career, and today he's arguably more known for his acting than his singing (though he's now promoting his first album in 7 years).  When a bad SNL host is on the show, they'll often play a straight character opposite one of the cast members being funny. When Justin hosts, he's the funny one, and it really feels like he's part of the cast.  His hosting  also raises 2 big questions: First, will Andy Samberg return to the show to do a 4th installment of the "D*ck in a Box" Digital Shorts (5th if you include their short segment in the 100th Digital Short)?  Andy returned a few weeks ago to premier his new Digital Short "YOLO", so maybe he'll come back again?  Second, will Jimmy Fallon return to SNL to do the popular "Barry Gibb Talk Show" sketch?  They've done it every time that Justin has hosted so far, though when Jimmy hosted last year Justin couldn't make it due to scheduling.  It's also interesting to note that the real Robin Gibb, who Justin impersonates, passed away last year, so would it be in bad taste to do the sketch?  We'll find on March 9th!  Here's the first time they did "Barry Gibb Talk Show" back in 2003, followed by a new promo for the show:

Whether or not Jimmy Fallon makes an appearance on SNL, it looks like he'll be spending a lot of time with Justin Tiberlake!  The week following his SNL stint, from March 11-15, Justin will be the exclusive musical guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon every single night!  He'll reportedly also be an interview guest on Monday and Friday, and will most likely be doing all sorts of bits with Jimmy throughout the week.  The last three times Justin appeared on Jimmy's show, they've performed their now classic "History of Rap" medlies, so hopefully we'll get a new one that week!  Here's the last two  History of Raps combined in one epic video.  Hopefully we'll soon have a fourth!

February 9, 2013

Justin Bieber and Christoph Waltz Hosting SNL!

We know we're incredibly late in reporting this, but in case you haven't heard yet, the next two SNL hosts will be:

2/9 Justin Bieber

Pop sensation Justin Bieber will be pulling double duty as host and musical guest of tonight's show.  While we're certainly not "beliebers", I think he might actually make a good SNL host.  When he made his first SNL cameo appearance back in 2010 in the classroom sketch below (he looked so young!), he really held his own opposite Tina Fey. He had great comedic timing and a stage presence that made me think back then that he would make a great host.  And after the successful hosting stint of Bruno Mars earlier this season, I think Bieber might follow in his foot stops turn out to be another great pop star turned SNL host.  Check out some of his previous SNL appearances below, followed by some promos for tonight's show!

2/16 Christoph Waltz (with musical guest Alabama Shakes)

After the Bieber Fever winds down, Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz will take his turn as host.  The Django Unchained star (for which he is once again Oscar nominated) is not really known for comedy, so I'm not really sure how he'll do on SNL.  I have to admit that I have not seen Django Unchained or any of his films, so I really don't know what to expect from Christoph Waltz.  However, I do know that as an Oscar winner, he's obviously a great actor, which should be helpful in playing the various characters he'll have to portray on the show.  Jennifer Lawrence was similarly an Oscar-nominated actress known  mainly for her dramatic work (who I also wasn't really familiar with) and she did ok, though not great.  Should be interesting to see of Christoph Waltz can pull it off!  Check out the promo below!

January 29, 2013

SNL Cast on 30 Rock

In just a few days, one of our all-time favorite shows, 30 Rock, will end its historic 7 year run on NBC  with a big hour-long finale airing Thursday night (1/31) from 8:00-9:00 EST.  The show is obviously deeply rooted with one of our other favorite shows, Saturday Night Live, as producer Lorne Michaels, Tina Fey, and Tracy Morgan have spent many years on both shows.  The show was essentially inspired by Tina Fey's experiences working as head writer on SNL, so it should come as no surprise that 30 Rock and SNL have shared many actors.  So in honor of this Thursday's finale, below is a lookback at all of the SNL cast members of past and present who have appeared on 30 Rock over the years.  So go ahead and relive some great 30 Rock memories, and don't forget to watch the finale Thurday night on NBC!

Tina Fey, who served as head writer and Weekend Update anchor on Saturday Night Live from 2000-2006, stars on 30 Rock as main character Liz Lemon.  She's also the show's creator, producer, and often writes many of the episodes.

Tracy Morgan, who starred on SNL from 1996-2003, stars as actor Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock, in a role that's very much based on himself.  In this season 1 clip, he releases to the world his hit single "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah":

Rachel Dratch left SNL with Tina Fey in 2006 to star on 30 Rock as the character of Jenna.  The part was eventually recast with Jane Krakowski playing the part, but Rachel appeared throughout the first season as a different random character in each episode.  In the clip below she plays a cat wrangler:

Chris Parnell plays NBC's in-house doctor Dr. Leo Spaceman (pronounced Spa CHE man). He has appeared on all 7 seasons of 30 Rock, and is one of our personal favorite characters.  Here is a montage of some of his funniest medical moments:

January 28, 2013

Meet Cory and Topanga's Daughter!

Rowan Blanchard
Looks like Girl Meets World has finally found its star!  It was just announced that 11 year old actress Rowan Blanchard will star opposite Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel as Riley Matthews, daughter of Cory and Topanga, in the upcoming Boy Meets World spin-off.  She has previously appeared in Spy Kids: All the Time in the Wold in 4D (opposite Jessica Alba), The Backup Plan (opposite Jennifer Lopez), and some TV series called Dance-A-Lot Robot. In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, Girl Meets World showrunner Michael Jacobs (who also created BMW) said, “As soon as Rowan walked into the room, I was reminded of why Ben Savage was loved as Cory Matthews. Rowan is real and accessible and I am hopeful this girl is about to meet a world that will love growing up with her as well.”  No word yet on who'll be playing Riley's brother Elliott or best friend Maya, but at least we can finally put a face to the titular "Girl" in Girl Meets World.  Check out an interview Rowan did back in 2011 about her appearance in Spy Kids: All the Time in the World.  She certainly seems to have a fun personality!  Can't wait to see her on GMW!

January 27, 2013

Lonely Island Return to SNL with New Digital Short!

Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island made their epic return to Saturday Night Live last night, releasing  the music video for their latest single "YOLO" featuring host Adam Levine.  Unfortunately for me, I came across this article last week which kind of ruined the surprise, but it was still great to see Andy, Jorma, and Akiva back on SNL with another great Digital Short.  The video also marks a reunion of sorts for The Lonely Island and Adam Levine, who previously collaborated on the classic music video for "Iran So Far".  The trio also confirmed on YouTube that their next album will be released sometime this year, and that "YOLO" will likely be the lead single on the album.  I was a little nervous that Andy leaving SNL to be a movie star meant the end of The Lonely Island, so I'm really glad to hear they've been working on a new album.  We'll post more details once it becomes available, but for now check out the  music video for "YOLO"!

Elsewhere on the show, Andy also appeared on the show during Adam's monologue, alongside some other very special guests!

Hopefully as we get closer to the release of the new Lonely Island album, we'll get to see more Digital Shorts on SNL!  YOLO!

January 7, 2013

Cosby Show Reunion on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Bill Cosby and Tempestt Bledsoe on The Cosby Show in 1984 (left) and on Late Night  in 2013 (right)

Last Friday night's episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was a truly special show.  Whenever Bill Cosby is the guest, you know something hilarious will happen, but combine that with the fact that he was reunited with his old Cosby Show co-star Tempestt Bledsoe (who played his 2nd youngest child Vanessa Huxtable), and you get an unforgettable moment in television history.  Tempestt is currently starring on the NBC comedy Guys with Kids, on which Jimmy Fallon is a producer, so it was great to see her reunite with her former TV father.

After the monologue and "Thank You Notes segment, Bill came out on his own to talk to Jimmy solo. But after a few seconds at the desk, Cosby got up to address The Roots, and what happened next was both incredibly bizarre and hilarious:

As a side note, The Roots are known for their clever choice of walk-on music for each guest. For Cosby, the performed "Dad is great, give us chocolate cake". The song comes from one of my favorite Cosby stand-up routines called "Chocolate Cake for Breakfast", which you can watch here:

January 5, 2013

Portlandia: SPOILER ALERT!

Last night was the much anticipated two-part 3rd season premier of the hit sketch comedy series Portlandia.  It was so great to have Fred, Carrie, Peter, Nance, Toni, Candace, the mayor, and all our other favorite Portlandia characters back on our TV screens.  One sketch that really stood out last night was "Spoiler Alert".  The sketch, which starts off with an actual Spoiler Alert disclaimer (as pictured above) perfectly captures the frustration endured when you're hanging out with some friends who mention a TV show that you aren't fully caught up on.  They want to tell you all about it, but you don't want to be spoiled.  As I've mentioned on this site before, I personally hate spoilers, and will go to extreme degrees to avoid them at all costs.  (While watching 30 Rock Thursday nights at 8:00, I have to close my eyes and "Lalala" when they show commercials for the upcoming Up All Night, The Office,and Parks & Rec so I don't have any jokes spoiled.  Also, if I miss SNL on Saturday night, I won't go on Facebook or Twitter until I watch it, to avoid any posts or tweets about the show)  While the sketch is hilarious, I should reiterate that you should not take the disclaimer lightly, as the sketch does actually feature spoilers for many hit shows such as Homeland, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, The Wire, and even Boy Meets World!  Fortunately for me, despite my fear of spoilers, I only watch comedies, so I don't really plan to watch any of these dramatic shows (I know, I know, they're amazing and I should watch them, maybe some day).  And even if I did watch them, I know so little about the shows that none of the spoilers really meant anything to me.    And as for Boy Meets World, well, I've seen that a hundred times so nothing spoiled there.  Anyway, here's the sketch from Portlandia.  And remember, Spoiler Alert!

Portlandia airs Friday nights at 10:00pm on IFC!

January 4, 2013

First SNL Hosts of 2013 Announced!

The January 2013 Saturday Night Live hosts have been announced! Here's who the next 2 SNL hosts will be:

1/19 Jennifer Lawrence (with musical guest The Lumineers)

Before this SNL season started, I made a Wishlist of the Top 10 New SNL Hosts I'd like see host this season.  Guest Blogger Daniel did the same.  So far, 1 of my 10 people have hosted (Louis C.K.) and now it looks like someone from Daniel's list will be hosting too.  I have to admit that I have never actually seen a film or TV show with Jennifer Lawrence in it before, so I'm really not sure what to expect here.  I generally prefer comedic actors/actresses, and based on her filmography, Jennifer Lawrence hasn't done much comedy.  However, I am kind of looking forward to her hosting simply based on how much Guest Blogger Daniel thinks she'll do well.  He insists that despite her dramatic film work, she is funny and entertaining on talk shows and that she'll make a great host.  Okay Daniel, if you say so.  You better not let me down!

1/26 Adam Levine (with musical guest Kendrick Lamar)

After Jennifer Lawrence hosts, it'll be Adam Levine's turn!  While I'm generally not a fan of singers hosting SNL, I have high hopes for Adam Levine.  I've caught a few episodes of The Voice and he has a great personality and is really fun to watch.  I think he can follow in the footsteps of Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars (wow I'm already lumping those two together) and be another great SNL host.  Besides, he's practically already a "friend of the show", making a cameo in "The Stand Off" short earlier this season,  and appearing in many other sketches such as my all-time favorite SNL Digital Short, "Iran So Far" and  the Greek Gods sketch from 2011: