November 12, 2012

SNL Parodies Les Miz with Anne Hathaway!

This past weekend Anne Hathaway hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time to promote her upcoming film adaptation of the classic Broadway musical Les Miserables.  When it was first announced that she would host, I correctly predicted that she would sing at some point, but I had no idea that she and the entire cast would do a Les Miz parody!  Les Miz is one of our favorite musicals (we saw it on Broadway together a few years ago and I had previously seen it "On My Own" before that) and the epic song "One Day More" is one of our favorite songs from the show.  Therefore, we really enjoyed SNL's parody of the song, which featured every single member of the cast performing together with Anne for her monologue:

And in case you're not familiar with Les Miz, here's a performance of "One Day More" from the recent 25th Anniversary concert performance (yes, that's Nick Jonas):

Our other favorite sketch of the night was the great Ellen parody.  Kate McKinnon showed off her  amazing Ellen Degeneres impression earlier this season during the Bond Girls sketch, so I was really hoping she'd get to do a full Ellen show parody sometime this season.  Well she did, and it certainly didn't disappoint!  Check out the clip below featuring Kate McKinnon's impression of Ellen.  Unfortunately the whole clip isn't available (likely due to music rights for the song playing while Ellen does her famous dance), but here's the second half of the sketch featuring Ellen's interview with Katie Holmes (as played by Anne Hathaway):

Did Anne Hathaway's Katie Holmes impression seem familiar to you?  Well that's because she did it last time she hosted in 2010 as a guest on the Miley Cyrus Show!

While I wouldn't call this the best of the three episodes Anne Hathaway has hosted, there is no denying that she is a great SNL host.  She's now more than half way to the prestigious 5-timers club, so hopefully it won't be too long until she makes it!

Jeremy Renner hosts next!

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