November 15, 2012

Ellen Responds to her SNL Spoof

A few days ago we posted  about how one of our favorite SNL sketches from last weekend's show was the hilarious parody of the daytime talk show Ellen.  So after seeing Kate McKinnon's spot-on impression of Ellen Degeneres, we were of course curious to see how the real Ellen would respond.  Well, it turns out she's a fan!  Ellen devoted the whole monologue from one of her shows this week to talking about the sketch.  She even showed some clips from the show, some of which aren't even available online!  Check out Ellen's response to seeing herself parodied on SNL below:

Hopefully Ellen will have Kate McKinnon on as a guest soon so we can see the two Ellens together at last!  And in case you were wondering, yes, Ellen has hosted Saturday Night Live before.  Here's her opening monologue from when she hosted back in 2001:

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