November 3, 2012

Random Clip of the Day: Mayor of Portlandia on Sprockets

A few years ago, as a big fans of Mike Myers's Austin Powers movies, we decided to buy the "SNL Best of Mike Myers" DVD to see what Mike Myers was like earlier in his career on SNL.  We were already familiar with his popular sketches "Wayne's World" and "Coffee Talk", but a sketch that just came out of nowhere and was really random and hilarious was one called "Sprockets".  "Sprockets" is a sketch about a German talk show hosted played by Mike Myers's character Dieter.  In this particular edition of Sprockets, Dieter welcomes fellow-German Karl-Heinz Shelkar to show us Germany's Most Disgusting Home Videos.  We have seen this sketch many times on DVD, but we didn't realize until yesterday that the actor who plays Karl-Heinz Shelkar currently has a recurring role on one of our favorite shows!

Look familiar?  Why it's none other than Kyle MacLachlan, who recurs on the sketch comedy show Portlandia as the mayor of Portland!  Apparently he hosted SNL back in 1990 when he was famous for starring on Twin Peaks.  It was so surreal to see Kyle MacLachlan so young and German when we're more used to seeing him act like this:

Portlandia returns to IFC for its third season on January 4th (with a Holiday Special on December 14th), and yes, The Mayor will be back!

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