November 26, 2012


IT'S OFFICIAL!  After weeks of speculation, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have officially signed on to reprise their roles as Cory and Topanga on the new Boy Meets World sequel Girl Meets World!!!  As we've previously reported, the new Disney Channel show will focus on their pre-teen daughter Riley, who will be a student in her father Cory's 7th grade class (he's now a teacher).  While original Boy Meets World creator Michael Jacobs has been in negotiations with the stars for weeks, it looks like they finally reached a deal!

In our In-Depth Analysis of Girl Meets World post, we said that our two biggest apprehensions about the show were:

1) If Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel weren't in it and they were replaced by other actors
2) That it would turn into a typical Disney Channel sitcom with know-it-all singing kids and dumb dopey parents with cheesy plot lines

So now we don't have to worry about #1.  And as for #2, I'm starting to feel a lot better about that as well.  Shortly after this news broke earlier tonight, Danielle Fishel wrote a heartfelt blog post, where she said:

I promise with the entirety of my heart that we will make GMW with the same honesty, innocence, and intelligence that you learned to expect from BMW.

The rest of her post shares the same sentiment, that they she and Ben debated about joining the show, but signed on because they were both really devoted to creating a special show in the vein of Boy Meets World. They really do care about the show as much as the fans do, and it looks like they'll do their best to preserve the legacy of BMW and make the fans proud.

So now my apprehensions are gone!  I'm really excited for this new show!  It's supposed to start filming in February, so hopefully it airs in the next few months!  Cory and Topanga are back!

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