December 30, 2008

TV Clip of the Day: Leggy Blonde

I know it's been a while since we posted a Clip of the Day, so I thought we'd post one today. I'm working on a really long blog, but I've been really busy lately, so it's taking me a while to complete. While I'm working on that, enjoy today's Clip of the Day! You know when you have a Flight of the Conchords song stuck in your head, and you just can't stop singing it? Well we've had this song stuck in our heads for about a week now, and it's such a good song, I really wouldn't mind if it never left. For your pleasure, please enjoy from Flight of the Conchords, "Leggy Blonde":

PS Yes, that is the guy from Yes Man-Rhys Darby. He's a really cool guy.

December 26, 2008

"Science Rules" again

Bill Nye the Science Guy is one of the reasons why I'm a Biochemistry major. He made science awesome with his cool camera angles, fun segments, and comedic timing. I was disappointed when the show ended. Imagine my surprise when flipping through the channels late last night, and I came across Bill Nye on the Planet Green channel! He's back on a show called Stuff Happens, which is about how the little things we do affects the environment. I saw the "Breakfast" episode, which talked about how things like coffee, eggs, bacon, and fruit affect the environment, and also saw the "Closet" episode, which talked about where clothes and shoes come from and where they go when we're done with them. The show explains how little things can have a big impact. His cool segments and science demos are back. I especially enjoyed a demo about what happens when cashmere goats in the Gobi over-graze and cause major desertification in China (it involved tiny goats). Anyway, unlike some of the other information we hear about being green, the show really drove home the point that we could continue with our everyday lives, while doing little things to make a large-scale impact. We don't have to give up coffee or stop wearing soft sweaters, but rather ask for shade-grown coffee and buy equally-soft alpaca sweaters (alpaca llamas apparently don't affect the environment in the same way). In place of the little kid scientists that would often accompany Nye on his earlier show, there are now a group of young adults that he interacts with. If you have the Planet Green (A Discovery Company) channel, look for "Stuff Happens"! (Green) Science Rules!

December 14, 2008

Sitcom Moms & Dads: Jack Donaghy's Mom

Even before our long break from blogging, I had stopped doing "Sitcom Moms & Dads" for a while because A seemed to think it was a boring segment*. Well she's sleeping right now, so I'm going to do it anyway!
On this week's episode of 30 Rock, Jack (Alec Baldwin) once again received a visit from his mother, played by Elaine Stritch. While now she just seems like some old crazy lady, Elaine Stritch is actually quite famous, especially in the Broadway world. She became most famous for her starring role in the Broadway musical Company in 1970, and then in 2001 she starred in her own one woman show entitled Elaine Stritch at Liberty.

A short clip of Elaine Stritch's one woman show Elaine Stritch at Liberty:

*Edit: This is A. I have woken to find that J is accusing me of criticizing his segment. I thought the segment was well-written and interesting, but I had mentioned that it was slightly boring only because of the last sitcom parent he happened to choose, Rachel's mom (Marlo Thomas). I have nothing against Marlo Thomas, but her presence on the series as Rachel's mom was not necessarily as memorable as the previous sitcom moms and dads. So it was a criticism of a particular instance of the segment, not the entire segment. Thank you. I will go back to my studying and paper writing now.

TV Actors Doing Voices in Commercials for Random Things

Oh Blog, it's been so long. We've been so busy with finals and papers lately, that we just haven't had time to write in you. Unfortunately, we still have finals to study for and papers to write. I have a paper that's due tomorrow that I really should be writing now. And yet, I find myself thinking about a blog entry that I want to write in you. And so, in an effort to further procrastinate my schoolwork, I shall write in you.

I was watching TV the other day, as I oh so often do, not really paying attention, checking my email while a commercial was playing on TV, and I heard a familiar voice. "Jim???" I thought, instantly recognizing the voice of Jim Halper from The Office. I looked up, and it was a commercial for the new Blackberry, with a voice-over narration by John Krasinski, who plays Jim on The Office. I have noticed that this is becoming a trend, TV actors with recognizable voices not appearing in commercials, but just using their voices to talk about the product in commercials. So, this is brings us to our newest segment, "TV Actors Doing Voices in Commercials for Random Things"! Another example of a commercial that falls into this category is Zach Braff (JD from Scrubs) voicing the dog in the Cottonelle toilet paper commercials. Zach Braff also provides his voice to the new PUR Water commercials, but I can't seem to find that clip online. If I find it, or any other commercials featuring the voice of a TV actor, I'll be sure to post it here!

John Krasinski's voice in Blackberry commercial:

Zach Braff's voice in Cottonelle commercial:

December 3, 2008

Apologies, Excuses, and Promises

We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!
We know we haven't posted in ages, and we blame that on the holiday break. We are also currently suffering through the end of the Fall semester and will soon be facing finals, so regular posting is unlikely until December 19. Fear not, for we will return soon! Also, you never know when one of us will post a video during a period of procrastination. Keep checking back!