December 26, 2008

"Science Rules" again

Bill Nye the Science Guy is one of the reasons why I'm a Biochemistry major. He made science awesome with his cool camera angles, fun segments, and comedic timing. I was disappointed when the show ended. Imagine my surprise when flipping through the channels late last night, and I came across Bill Nye on the Planet Green channel! He's back on a show called Stuff Happens, which is about how the little things we do affects the environment. I saw the "Breakfast" episode, which talked about how things like coffee, eggs, bacon, and fruit affect the environment, and also saw the "Closet" episode, which talked about where clothes and shoes come from and where they go when we're done with them. The show explains how little things can have a big impact. His cool segments and science demos are back. I especially enjoyed a demo about what happens when cashmere goats in the Gobi over-graze and cause major desertification in China (it involved tiny goats). Anyway, unlike some of the other information we hear about being green, the show really drove home the point that we could continue with our everyday lives, while doing little things to make a large-scale impact. We don't have to give up coffee or stop wearing soft sweaters, but rather ask for shade-grown coffee and buy equally-soft alpaca sweaters (alpaca llamas apparently don't affect the environment in the same way). In place of the little kid scientists that would often accompany Nye on his earlier show, there are now a group of young adults that he interacts with. If you have the Planet Green (A Discovery Company) channel, look for "Stuff Happens"! (Green) Science Rules!

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