November 4, 2012

Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincaaaaah

Last night, comedian Louis C.K. made his highly anticipated appearance on Saturday Night Live as host of the show.  As we've previously posted, we're big fans of both Louis C.K. and his show Louie, and were really looking forward to seeing him host, although we did have some apprehensions about how he'd do in the role.  And as it turned out, he did a great job!  Louie really went all out and played lots of silly characters, did funny accents, wore ridiculous costumes, and had one of the longest and messiest make out sessions we've ever seen.  But our favorite sketch from the night was  the excellent Louie parody - "Lincoln"!  In the sketch, Louie did  a perfect parody of his hit show as Abraham Lincoln, complete with stand-up, women troubles, and a shot-for-shot remake of his show's opening theme.  While there is a Lincoln movie coming out next weekend, the subject of Abraham Lincoln was a bit random, but it still worked in the sketch.  Here's the  web exclusive Director's Cut (no, Louie surprisingly did not direct this) of "Lincoln", including a full minute of material that didn't make it on air! (See more Louie on SNL after the jump.)

Another part of Louie's hosting that we  really enjoyed was his monologue.  We already knew that stand-up was his greatest strength, so here he got a great chance to show a bigger audience just how great a stand-up comedian he really is.  And as I often say, you know its a good SNL host if the monologue truly is a monologue (that is, just one person).

Now while we thought that Louie did a great job as host, we will admit that not all of the sketches were home runs.  And Louie himself even confessed last week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that there was one sketch in particular that he really hated and felt ridiculous doing, but he insisted that the sketch not get cut because he thought there should be at least one crazy sketch in the show.

While he never specified exactly which sketch it was, we have a feeling it was this one, featuring Louie as some sort of nomadic mountain man searching for the mysteriousness "Zog" to deliver "the crystal" as was prophesized in "the scripture":

While the sketch wasn't great by any means, I agree with Louie (assuming this is the sketch he was referring to) that if was fun to see him as such a silly character.  I particularly enjoyed the intensity in which he delivered each of his lines, even though it looked like he messed up at one point (could he not read the cue card?)

In any event, it was a great SNL episode and we really enjoyed Louie as host.  Hopefully he'll host again soon!  Anne Hathaway next weekend!

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