November 15, 2012

Matthew Perry's Woody Allen Impression on Go On

Woody Allen may not be making headlines or have any movies coming out for a while, but for some reason he's all over TV these days.  Two weeks ago, we posted some clips from New Girl and Conan of characters doing Woody Allen impressions, and now we have another one!  On this week's Go On, Matthew Perry does his best Woody Allen to prove to Owen's mom that he's funny.  Check out the clip below:

If you're a hardcore SNL fan, you might be aware that this is not the first time Matthew Perry has impersonated Woody Allen.  Back when he hosted the show in 1997 (at the height of his Friends fame), he played Woody Allen in a sketch called "Good Morning with Liza!".  I've spent most of the night searching every corner of the internet for a video clip of this sketch, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.  I was however able to find this nice screen-cap of Matthew Perry as Woody Allen from the sketch:

If anyone can find a clip of this SNL sketch, please let us know!  And since TV characters impersonating Woody Allen seems to be the latest trend, we'll continue to post more if we see them!

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