April 27, 2013

Final 3 SNL Hosts of the Season!

The final three SNL hosts of the season have just been announced, and we could not be more excited!  Closing out SNL's 38th season will be:

5/4 Zach Galifianakis (with musical guest Of Monsters and Men)
After successfully hosting twice before, Zach Galifianakis (I hope I'm pronouncing that right) will return as SNL host for his third time next Saturday! Zach is one of our all-time favorite hosts, so we're very excited to see him back.  While Zach is great in sketches, it is his monologues that have really become quite legendary.  From one-liners at the piano to lip-syncing "Tomorrow" in a red dress, anything goes in a Galifianakis monologue.  Check out his first two monologues below.  (If you enjoy them, you should really check out his DVD "Live at the Purple Onion", which as he points out below, is "selling like whatever the opposite of hot cakes is."  We own the DVD and it is quite hilarious).    Can't wait to see what he does this time!

5/11 Kristen Wiig (with musical guest Vampire Weekend)
After departing the SNL cast at the end of last season, Kristen Wiig will make her much anticipated return to the show as a first-time host!  (She did have a brief cameo earlier this season in the Martin Short episode, but that doesn't really count.)  Kristen is one if the most beloved SNL cast members of the past decade, so we're really looking forward to seeing her back on the show.  She will undoubtedly bring back some of her classic characters with her, but which ones will it be? And will she bring along her good pal John Hamm for a cameo?  We'll find out soon enough!  Below are a few of our favorite Kristen Wiig characters that we're hoping show up when she hosts:

5/18 Ben Affleck (with musical guest Kanye West)
Finally, for the season finale, Ben Affleck will return to the show to host for his fifth time.  While we're probably a little less excited to see him host compared to the other two hosts mentioned above, since he's hosting for the fifth time, that means he will be joining the prestigious "Five-Timers Club".  Justin Timberlake joined the club a few weeks ago, and SNL went all out to celebrate with with a cameo-filled episode packed with former cast members and other Five-Timers.  Will they do the same for Affleck?  SNL does usually like to end the season with a big show, but would they do another Five-Timers bit so close to Timberlake's? Or maybe JT will return to welcome him into the club?  Should be an interesting finale! Below are some of our favorite Ben Affleck clips from his previous times hosting:

As all of the hosts for this season have now been revealed, this also marks the end of the unofficial competition between me and Guest Blogger Daniel.  Before the season started, I posted my Wish List for the Top 10 First-Time SNL Hosts for this season.  Shortly thereafter, Guest Blogger Daniel posted his wish list, and thus began a little competition to see who correctly predicted the most first-time hosts.  And the winner is... no one.  We were tied with one correct prediction each.  Louis C.K. was on my list and Jennifer Lawrence was on his.  We'll each post a new list before the start of the next season and hopefully next year we can crown a winner!

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  1. How anticlimactic. That said couldn't be more thrilled and excited bout the last three hosts.