April 28, 2013

Kate McKinnon Impersonates Ellen on "Ellen"!

We've previously posted about how much we love Kate McKinnon's impression of Ellen Degeneres on Saturday Night Live.  (You can watch the full sketch here.)  Well last week the two Ellens finally came face to face when Kate McKinnon was a guest on Ellen's show.  At first she came out as her self and talked to Ellen about what a huge honor it is to meet her and chatted about her audition for Saturday Night Live:

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Then Ellen handed her a duplicate set of her clothes so she could come back in character as Ellen. The two Ellens then had some fun together in their chairs before getting up to dance around the set:

Lastly, as a web-exclusive bonus clip, here's the real Ellen and Kate McKinnon's Ellen hanging out with Ellen's wife Portia de Rossi (of Arrested Development fame) after the show:  

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