January 4, 2013

First SNL Hosts of 2013 Announced!

The January 2013 Saturday Night Live hosts have been announced! Here's who the next 2 SNL hosts will be:

1/19 Jennifer Lawrence (with musical guest The Lumineers)

Before this SNL season started, I made a Wishlist of the Top 10 New SNL Hosts I'd like see host this season.  Guest Blogger Daniel did the same.  So far, 1 of my 10 people have hosted (Louis C.K.) and now it looks like someone from Daniel's list will be hosting too.  I have to admit that I have never actually seen a film or TV show with Jennifer Lawrence in it before, so I'm really not sure what to expect here.  I generally prefer comedic actors/actresses, and based on her filmography, Jennifer Lawrence hasn't done much comedy.  However, I am kind of looking forward to her hosting simply based on how much Guest Blogger Daniel thinks she'll do well.  He insists that despite her dramatic film work, she is funny and entertaining on talk shows and that she'll make a great host.  Okay Daniel, if you say so.  You better not let me down!

1/26 Adam Levine (with musical guest Kendrick Lamar)

After Jennifer Lawrence hosts, it'll be Adam Levine's turn!  While I'm generally not a fan of singers hosting SNL, I have high hopes for Adam Levine.  I've caught a few episodes of The Voice and he has a great personality and is really fun to watch.  I think he can follow in the footsteps of Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars (wow I'm already lumping those two together) and be another great SNL host.  Besides, he's practically already a "friend of the show", making a cameo in "The Stand Off" short earlier this season,  and appearing in many other sketches such as my all-time favorite SNL Digital Short, "Iran So Far" and  the Greek Gods sketch from 2011:

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