March 17, 2013

Best Comedy Bits from Justin Timberweek on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Last week was "Justin Timberweek" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where Justin Timberlake was the interview guest on Monday and Friday's show, and he performed as musical guest each night of the week.  But in addition to that, Timberlake participated in many comedy bits, and as evidenced by his hilarious 5 times hosting SNL, Timberlake is great when it comes to comedy sketches.  

After kicking off the week with a two-part interview and musical performance on Monday night's show,  he did his first bit on Tuesday by joining the Ragtime Gals in a Barbershop Quartet version of his hit song "Sexyback":

Wednesday night's show contained two great bits. First, Justin and Jimmy impersonate Michael McDonald singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" in the round, only to be joined by the real Michael McDonald himself!

Later in the show, Jimmy and Steve Carell showed a clip of their Canadian soap opera "Jacob's Patience", where Steve made everyone in the cast use mannequin arms.  Justin Timberlake of course joined in as well:

Thursday night we got a very SNLy sketch, which saw Jimmy and Justin as young campers back in 1983, who wouldn't go to sleep because they couldn't stop singing "Africa" by Toto:

And then on Friday, we finally got what we've all been waiting for... HISTORY OF RAP 4!  As they've done three times before, Justin and Jimmy perform an epic medley of rap and R&B songs throughout music history:

Sadly, Justin Timberweek is over, and he probably won't be back for another year or so when he has a new movie to promote.  While we really enjoyed all the great bits, we were a little disappointed that they never did "The Barry Gibb Talk Show".  Justin and Jimmy did the sketch each of the first four times that Justin hosted SNL (as well as a fifth time when his then-girlfriend Cameron Diaz hosted), but not his 5th time hosting last weekend (or when Jimmy hosted last year).  I was hoping they might have been saving it for Late Night, but with the real Robin Gibb passing away last year, I guess they felt it would be in poor taste to do the bit.  Oh well, it looks like "History of Rap" has become the new "Barry Gibb Talk Show", and there's nothing wrong with that!

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