August 6, 2013

SNL: Best of Jason Sudeikis

During a recent interview with David Letterman, Jason Sudeikis finally confirmed the long-running rumor that he was ending his time as a cast member on Saturday Night Live.  He was originally rumored to be leaving prior to last season, so we were pretty lucky he stuck around for last season, but we are still of course very sad to see him go. Jason joined SNL as a writer in 2003 but soon joined the cast in May 2005.  Below are some of our favorite Jason Sudeikis sketches throughout his more than 8 years as a cast member on the show (organized as a "Best Of" special):

Cold Open: Mitt Romney
During the 2012 Presidential campaign season, Jason became known for his spot-on impression of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

Twinkle & Stink
One of my all-time favorite SNL sketches featuring Jason and Will Forte as Twinkle and Stink, hilarious sports commentators for sporting events sponsored by feminine hygiene products:

Two A-Holes
One of Jason's first big characters was as one of the two "a-holes" in this popular sketch with Kristen Wiig:

Underground Festival
These fake commercials for holiday themed underground music festivals are always hilarious, largely in part to Jason Sudeikis as DJ Supers Soak (and of course Nasim Pedrad as Lil Blaster):

Dane Cook Baseball Promo
In 2007, Major League Baseball ran a bunch of odd promos for play-off games featuring comedian Dane Cook. Jason did a perfect parody of the ads, doing a hilarious impression of Dane Cook who hosted SNL only a few weeks before:

Joe Biden
While Jason's most memorable impression may be Mitt Romney, his funniest would probably be Vice President Joe Biden.  Here he is in a spoof of the 2012 VP Debate.

Weekend Update: The Devil and Jon Bovi
Of Jason's Weekend Update characters, the two most memorable that come to mind are The Devil and Jon Bovi. The Devil character was a perfect way to comically react to a tragic news story without seeming insensitive, as seen in the Devil's reaction to the Jerry Sandusky child abuse story. In Jon Bovi, Sudeikis and Forte team up once again (as they did in Twinkle and Stink) as a hilarious Bon Jovi  "opposite band":

Maine Justice
One of the most recent characters that Jason introduced on the show was the judge in Maine Justice. This hilariously bizarre sketch features a court room filled with people from New Orleans who all moved to Maine. Jason really commits to this character, which is what makes it so great:

Bongo's Clown Room
While this isn't one of Jason's most popular sketches, it's one of my personal favorites. Jason plays the announcer at a strip club, making random announcements in between calling out each stripper.  This is non-stop laughter for me:

While Jason may not be a cast member on the show anymore, hopefully we'll see him pop up on the show next season (as Andy and Kristen did this past season).  And if you can't wait that long, check out his new movie We're the Millers which comes out this Wednesday!

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