February 24, 2013

Kevin Hart and Justin Timberlake to Host SNL (and LNJF)!

There was no new SNL episode last night, but we got two great hosts coming up:

3/2 Kevin Hart (with musical guest Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)

Comedian Kevin Hart will be hosting for the first time this Saturday, and we couldn't be more excited.  I've seen some of his standup on TV and he's definitely a very funny guy.  And while I haven't seen his breakout role in the film Think Like a Man, I have seen him in a few episodes of Modern Family, so I know he can act as well.  You never know quite know what to expect when someone hosts for the first time, but I got a feeling Kevin Hart will not disappoint.  Since most of his standup is too dirty for this site, here's a (very) short clip of Kevin Hart on Modern Family, followed by his SNL promo:

3/9 Justin Timberlake

The following weekend Justin Timberlake will return to SNL as he joins the prestigious "5-Timers Club" by hosting and performing as musical guest.    Justin Timberlake is one of the all-time great SNL hosts, probably the best host of the last decade.  When he first hosted almost 10 years ago back in 2003, he was primarily known as a music star.  His amazing hosting job on SNL really started his acting career, and today he's arguably more known for his acting than his singing (though he's now promoting his first album in 7 years).  When a bad SNL host is on the show, they'll often play a straight character opposite one of the cast members being funny. When Justin hosts, he's the funny one, and it really feels like he's part of the cast.  His hosting  also raises 2 big questions: First, will Andy Samberg return to the show to do a 4th installment of the "D*ck in a Box" Digital Shorts (5th if you include their short segment in the 100th Digital Short)?  Andy returned a few weeks ago to premier his new Digital Short "YOLO", so maybe he'll come back again?  Second, will Jimmy Fallon return to SNL to do the popular "Barry Gibb Talk Show" sketch?  They've done it every time that Justin has hosted so far, though when Jimmy hosted last year Justin couldn't make it due to scheduling.  It's also interesting to note that the real Robin Gibb, who Justin impersonates, passed away last year, so would it be in bad taste to do the sketch?  We'll find on March 9th!  Here's the first time they did "Barry Gibb Talk Show" back in 2003, followed by a new promo for the show:

Whether or not Jimmy Fallon makes an appearance on SNL, it looks like he'll be spending a lot of time with Justin Tiberlake!  The week following his SNL stint, from March 11-15, Justin will be the exclusive musical guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon every single night!  He'll reportedly also be an interview guest on Monday and Friday, and will most likely be doing all sorts of bits with Jimmy throughout the week.  The last three times Justin appeared on Jimmy's show, they've performed their now classic "History of Rap" medlies, so hopefully we'll get a new one that week!  Here's the last two  History of Raps combined in one epic video.  Hopefully we'll soon have a fourth!

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