January 10, 2010

Clip of the Day: Alicia Keys on The Cosby Show

Last Night, Alicia Keys was the musical guest on SNL. She also did a bit of acting, appearing in the Digital Short with Andy Samberg. But, did you know that she appeared on the Cosby Show back when she was only 4 years old? She appeared in the classic Season 1 episode "Slumber Party", where Rudy invites over her friends for a slumber party, and Bill Cosby just plays with the kids all day. Here's a clip from the episode, which includes the classic "Riding on the knee horse" scene. Alicia Keys is the last girl to go (though she kind of looks like a boy with her hair). She starts at the 3:25 mark. Be sure to stay tuned after she's done, for Peter's (the chubby white boy) hilarious ride. Peter is probably my favorite character on the show.

And here she is all grown up in the SNL Digital Short last night!

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  1. I never knew this. Thanks for sharing this trivia. I have seen all the cosby show episodes but haven't noticed that Alicia Keys was in the. Now I will watch the show again to watch her rock. She is an amazing singer really like the track by her in Quantum of Solace