February 19, 2012

TV Clip of the Day: The Obama (Cosby) Show

As we previously reported, Maya Rudolph made her much anticipated return to Saturday Night Live as host last night, and we thought she was amazing.  In our opinions, she was up there with Jimmy Fallon as one of the best hosts of the season.  Nearly all of the sketches last night were great, but one sketch won the prize for our absolute favorite of the night.

Maya Rudolph appeared as Michelle Obama to announce that in an effort to continue her fight against obesity, she was starting a half hour comedy show starring her family.  The sketch then turned into a great parody of The Cosby Show, featuring the Obama family.  The best part is the preview at the end for the next episode!

I'm a big fan Bill Cosby and The Cosby Show (I've seen him do live stand-up and even met once at a book signing).  But for those of you who aren't familiar with the show, here's a few clips that'll help you get the references in the SNL parody.

Here is the the season 2 opening to The Cosby Show, featuring the cast of the show dancing to the show's jazzy theme.

This next clip shows Cliff's (Cosby's) obsession with eating junk food, specifically hoagies.  The scene starting at 1:39 is most directly parodied in the SNL sketch.

Lastly, here is the famous clip of the Huxtable family lip-syncing for their grandparents anniversary, which was parodied in the SNL sketch in the preview for next week's episode.  (This clip actually features 2 lip-syncing performances from the show, the first one is the one parodied in the SNL sketch)

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