February 24, 2012

Community Set to Return!

As reported earlier this week, Community is set to return to NBC on Thursday March 15 at 8:00!  While the low rated show was temporarily shelved to make room for the return of 30 Rock, the outrage that followed it's hiatus, which resulted in petitions, campaigns, and even flash mobs, seems to have really brought a buzz back to the show.

Unfortunately, the return of Community Thursdays at 8:00, which will push 30 Rock back to 8:30, means that Parks & Recreation will go on a short hiatus until April 19, when it takes over the 9:30 spot from Up All Night, which will have ended it's first season order.

While we are sad to see Parks & Rec off the schedule for a few weeks, we are very excited for the return of Community!  The fun thing about Community is that you really have no idea what to expect with each episode. There is no set formula of the show, but rather each episode often mocks or honors a particular film or television genre, all while staying true to the characters of show and the plot of the story.  Here's a few examples of the various film types that have been spoofed on Community.

In the last episode to air before its long winter hiatus, the show mocks the TV show Glee, by using musical performances to bring Christmas cheer to the gang.  The episode also features Saturday Night Live featured cast member Taran Killam as the hilariously psychotic Glee Club Instructor.

An intense game of foosball soon turns into an anime battle.

For this season's Halloween episode, Community featured the study group competing to tell the scariest story, which allowed for some great horror movie spoofs, particularly of Twilight and the vampire movie craze.

Dungeons and Dragons
An entire episode revolved around the gang sitting around the table and playing the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.

As a parody of the classic animated Christmas specials, Community got clay-mated for last season's Christmas episode.

Lastly, we can't leave out Community's trademark paintball season finales.  Both the first and second seasons have had an epic paintball themed finale, and it's likely the third season will too (and hopefully it won't be the end of the show).  In a combined spoof of action movies, conspiracy movies, western movies, and Star Wars, here's a clip from Part 1 of last season's two part paintball season finale.

Community returns to NBC Thursday March 15 at 8:00pm.  We can't wait to see what crazy things they'll do next!  Six seasons and a movie!

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