February 29, 2012

Remembering Davy Jones of The Monkees

We are saddened to learn the news of the death of TV star Davy Jones.  Davy Jones starred on the 1960's sitcom The Monkees, a show parodying the success of The Beatles.  The fake band from the show become so popular that the actors eventually leaned to play instruments and released many albums as a real band.  The group had may big hits, such as "(Theme from) The Monkees", "Last Train to Clarksville", "Daydream Believer" and "I'm a Believer" (which was later covered by Eddie Murphy as Donkey at the end of Shrek).  Here's the opening theme from the sitcom The Monkees:

And here's the music video for "I'm a Believer": 

Davy Jones also had a fairly successful post-Monkees career making guest appearances on television shows.  Most famously, he appeared on The Brady Bunch.  In the episode, Davy is recording a new song entitled "Girl", when Marcia walks in to ask Davy to sing at her prom.

Spoiler Alert: He comes to her house and agrees to perform at the prom, if Marcia will go as his prom date:

Lastly, Davy Jones also had a memorable appearance on the 1990's sitcom Boy Meets World (well it was memorable to me). In the 3rd season episode "Rave On", he appeared as Reg, Reginald Fairfield, a dear friend of Cory's parents (who can't seem to remember him).  The episode ends with Davy reuniting with  2 of the other Monkees (Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork) as they perform for Cory's parents anniversary party.  Here's a compilation of clips from Davy Jones' appearance on Boy Meets World.

Rest in peace Davy Jones.  You will be missed.

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