February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Still haven't made Valentine's Day plans?  Here are ideas from some of our favorite TV couples:

If you are your loved one are both working (preferably at the same job) and have a baby to take care of, you might consider avoiding the crazy Valentine's dinner "thing" and having to hire a baby sitter, and just going out for a nice romantic lunch.  Just remember that you still have to work after lunch, so try not to drink too much. Right Pam?

If you don't happen to work with your significant other, you can always surprise your loved one by sending flowers and chocolates at work. Just make sure you spell the name right so it doesn't go to the wrong person!

If you're willing it put in more effort than just sending flowers and chocolate, you can consider creating a scavenger hunt around the town, hiding clues in all of the places that are special to you two as a couple.

Or if you've been married for a while and you're tired of being those same old people you've been all year, you might want to try to spruce things up by pretending to be other people, going to a hotel bar, and seeing where the evening goes... (The commercial that plays before the clip is very long, but the clip will play once it's done)

Maybe you used to be with someone you really cared about, but recently had a fight and are now mortal enemies (for six months).  Valentine's Day is the perfect time to send that special someone a note to let them know how much you miss them.
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And if there is no special someone in your life right now, fear not.  You can always throw a "Lonely Hearts Valentines Single Mixer" in hopes of meeting that special someone.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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