October 30, 2008

A Plea: WATCH 30 ROCK!

30 RockHello everyone. Tonight marks the return of one of the best shows on television: 30 Rock. The show has won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series for the past 2 years, and it still is having problems attracting viewers. Please, don't let 30 Rock be the next Arrested Development (wins the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series and gets critical praise, but canceled after only 3 seasons due to low ratings). You've all seen how hilarious Tina Fey has been on SNL these past few weeks. Now, see her in her own show. Both Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin won Emmy Awards for their acting on 30 Rock this season, and Tina Fey won an Emmy for writing as well. All around, this is a very funny show, and you really should watch it. The season premier airs tonight at 9:30 on NBC, right after The Office, another hilarious show, so treat yourself to the best hour of television and watch The Office and then 30 Rock tonight on NBC from 9-10. 30 Rock also gets some of the biggest names in Hollywood as guest stars, with tonight's episode featuring an appearance by Emmy Award winning actress Megan Mullally (Karen from Will & Grace) and in the upcoming weeks, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Martin, and even Oprah Winfrey are scheduled to appear! 30 Rock is one of our favorite shows, and if you watch it, we know it will be one of your favorites too. Please, watch 30 Rock before it gets canceled and its too late! You won't regret it! Below enjoy some clips from the past 2 seasons of30 Rock:

Liz suspects her neighbor is a terrorist:

Jack helps Tracy in therapy:


Jenna tries to get Kenneth to go to Beijing as as NBC Page at the Olympics:

Kenneth tries to teach the writing staff the true meaning of Christmas:

October 29, 2008

TV Clip of the Day: Theo's Bad Grades

While most of the shows that we have been blogging about have been current shows, or shows from the last few years, we here at we like tv also enjoy classic television. One of my favorite classic shows (although it's not that classic, only about 20 years old) is The Cosby Show. The show was funny and witty, and so easy for anyone to relate to, regardless of race. This clip is one of my favorites, from the pilot episode of the show. Cliff teaches Theo about the value of money after he gets bad grades on his report card. Enjoy!

October 28, 2008

Be Cowbell Man for Halloween!

"(Don't Fear) the Reaper" from Blue Oyster Cult was on the radio yesterday morning and has been continuously stuck in my head since then, so I have been inspired to post another Halloween costume: Cowbell Man! Don't forget to get a shirt a few sizes too small to show off your gut. No belly? You've got until Friday. Eat high-caloric foods. Avoid physical exertion. Shaving off a few years of life to be Cowbell Man for Halloween: totally worth it.

And for your viewing pleasure, the famous "More Cowbell" sketch:

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October 27, 2008

Sitcom Moms and Dads: Grace's Mom

Debbie Reynolds may be best known to young audiences as Grace's mom "Bobbie Adler" on Will & Grace, but back in the 1950's, she was a huge star. She was most famous for her roles in musical films, such as Singing in the Rain and The Unsinkable Molly Brown, which earned her an Academy Award nomination (she lost to Julie Andrews for Mary Poppins. As Grace's mom in Will & Grace, her character was a musical actress as well, poking fun at her past. Debbie Reynolds also appeared in films such as I Love Melvin, Bundle of Joy, Tammy and the Bachelor, and The Singing Nun before starring in her own show The Debbie Reynolds Show. So here is a collection of Debbie Reynolds clips from some of her film highlights. Enjoy!

October 26, 2008

TV Star Spotlight: Amy Poehler

Well, today we have learned the bittersweet news that SNL star Amy Poehler has given birth to her baby boy, Archie Arnett, yesterday afternoon. While this is great news for Amy and her husband, Arrested Development star Will Arnett, it is also sad news, as this means that Amy Poehler has ended her 8 year run on SNL. So, in honor of Amy's departure from Saturday Night Live, we give you what is in our opinion, the Best of Amy Poehler on SNL. Hopefully it's not long before a similar DVD is released containing her best SNL moments. So enjoy some clips of our favorites, and feel free to comment and share your favorite Amy Poehler SNL memories!

Kaitlin and Rick:

The Needlers:

Britney Spears' Divorce:

Jojo the Scrappy Valet:

Dakota Fanning Show:

Bronx Beat:

Jon Bon Jovi visits young Amy Poehler:

REALLY!?! with Seth and Amy:

Hillary Clinton & Hillary Clinton:

The Palin Rap:

Be Kim (from "Kath & Kim" on NBC) for Halloween!

What? You've never seen Kath & Kim? Well here's a clip from the pilot episode:

And don't forget to watch every Thursday night at 8:30 on NBC!

October 25, 2008

SNL TV Parody of the Week

Well it's Saturday, so it's time for another SNL TV Parody. When I first started this segment, I had many SNL TV parodies that I had in mind that I could post each week. However, I have been finding some difficulty with finding these clips online, so I'm going to have to extend the definition of "TV parody" to include not only TV shows, but TV stars, and movies based on TV shows. So, using that definition, in honor of High School Musical 3 coming out this weekend, here is SNL's parody of High School Musical 3 (the first two High School Musicals were TV movies, although this one was in theaters, so it's not really TV, but I'm posting it anyway, so whatever). Enjoy!

October 24, 2008

TV Clip of the Day: My Generation

Well, today is a very special day. While last week we attend a Jimmy Fallon comedy show, tonight we have tickets to see The Who in concert! The Who is one of our favorite bands, so we are really excited! So in honor of tonight's concert, I have treated you all to a wonderful performance of The Who's hit song "My Generation" by Danny Tanner on Full House! Enjoy!

October 23, 2008

A Special Message from TV Legend Ron Howard

While our blog here at we like tv is not politically biased, we feel obligated to post this political video clip. Ron Howard is a sitcom legend, starting his career as 6-year-old Opie on The Andy Griffith Show, and later on starring on Happy Days as Fonzie's buddy Richie Cunningham. Later in his career, he switched to film making, directing such films as Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, and The Da Vinci Code, as well as creating the hit sitcom Arrested Development. But in an attempt to convince people to vote for Barack Obama, Ron Howard has reprised these classic TV characters, decades after they originally aired. Featuring appearances by Andy Griffith and Henry Winkler (Fonzie), here is, Ron Howard's Call to Action:

TV Clip of the Day: Room Raiders with Zac Efron

Wow, do we have a special clip of the day for you! If you've ever watched MTV late at night, then you've probably seen the dating competition show Room Raiders. The way the show works is they break into the homes of 3 girls (or sometimes guys) and catch them off guard and throw them in a van, without anytime to clean their house! Then, then a guy comes out and raids each of their rooms, while the girls watch him from a screen in the van. (Of course they weren't caught completely off guard, they obviously signed up to be on this show) The point of the show is that he must then choose one of the 3 girls to go out on a date without seeing what they look like, he must base his decision solely on how their rooms look. Well, on this "Celebrity Edition" from April of 2006, 17-year old Zac Efron (at that point famous from his show Summerville) stars as the guy who must choose between the 3 girls. It wasn't long after this aired that Zac became a huge teen star for starring in High School Musical, High School Musical 2, and Hairspray. So, in honor of High School Musical 3: Senior Year, which opens tomorrow, here is the complete episode of young Zac Efron on MTV's Room Raiders!
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

October 22, 2008

TV Clip of the Day: Don’t Stop Believin’

For today’s clip of the day, we found a rare combination of a great TV Show with an amazing song. Lately, after hearing the song countless times on the radio, we have become obsessed with the song “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey. Those of you who know it know how amazing that song is. Anyway, so once we get into a song (or artist, TV show, movie, actor, or anything at all) the first place we go of course is…WIKIPEDIA! So after reading the wikipedia of the song, we discovered that the song was featured in one of our favorite NBC (and soon to be ABC) sitcoms, Scrubs! So here it is, from the aptly named episode of Scrubs “My Journey”, Don’t Stop Believin:

And, as an added bonus, JD sings a verse of the song:

October 21, 2008

TV Clip of the Day: Butters

Today's TV Clip of the Day features everyone's favorite student from South Park Elementary School, Leopold "Butters" Scotch. While most of the characters on South Park are loud, offensive, and vulgar, Butters is always good kid who listens to his parents and wants to do what's morally right. Although usually a minor character in the show, on episode 14 of Season 5, Butters got his very own episode in the episode entitled, "Butters' Very Own Episode". Not only did he get his own episode, but his own theme song too! So here it is, from "Butters' Very Own Episode", the Butters Theme:

October 20, 2008

Sitcom Moms and Dads: Ross and Monica's Dad

Elliot Gould played the sitcom parent of Jack Geller, Ross and Monica's dad on the hit sitcom Friends. Younger audiences might also recognize him from his role as Reuben in the Oceans 11 films. However, Elliot Gould was famous long before these recent supporting roles. Elliot Gould is an Academy Award nominated actor, most famous for starring in the 1970 film M*A*S*H (which inspired the long running sitcom). The film made him a huge star, landing him on the cover of Time Magazine. He also starred in hit films such as Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (which earned him his Academy Award nomination), A Bridge Too Far, Capricorn One, and The Devil and Max Devlin opposite Bill Cosby. Gould also starred on Broadway in Irma La Douce, Say, Darling, I Can Get It for You Wholesale, Drat! The Cat!, and Little Murders. Gould was also famously married to Barbra Streisand, who he met while performing in I Can Get It for you Wholesale on Broadway. Later in his life he appeared in supporting characters in Bugsy, American History X, and the Oceans 11 films. His success in the 1970's led him to host SNL 6 times in the show's first 5 years. Below are some clips from one of the sketches that he starred in back in 1975, as well as various other clips of Elliot Gould in film and on televsion:

Saturday Night Live Season 1, Episode 9 (1975):
Interior Demolitionists:

Godfather Therapy:

Killer Bees:

From the film Move (1970)

From the film Little Murders (1971)

From Friends Season 9 Episode 1-The One Where No One Proposes:

October 18, 2008

TV Character Spotlight: George W. Bush

Earlier this weekend we saw the film W. about the life and presidency of George W. Bush. I found the film very interesting, and I really learned a lot about the man. While I certainly wouldn't consider myself a George W. Bush fan, the film really makes you sympathize with the guy, and understand why he did a lot of the things that he did. Another great thing I liked about the film was the performance of Josh Brolin acting as George W. Bush. So in honor of the film, I've complied a group of clips of George W. Bush being portayed on various television shows. Who do you think does the best Bush?

Will Ferrell on SNL:

Will Forte on SNL:

Comedy Central's Lil' Bush:

Comedy Central's South Park:

Comedy Central's Chappelle Show (Warning: This video contains profanity):

Comedy Central's That's My Bush:

FOX's Family Guy:

TBS's Frank TV:

SNL TV Parody of the Week!

Well, it's Saturday, so it's time for another SNL TV Parody of the Week! As this week marked the end of the 5th Season of the hit Bravo reality show Project Runway, we thought that it would be appropriate to show SNL's take on the show. While not a true TV show parody, since the sketch is not an parodying an episode of Project Runway, the sketch does poke fun at the show's overuse of catch phrases by the various stars of the show. So here is the clip featuring host Amy Adams as Heidi Klum, Bill Hader as Tim Gunn, and Amy Poehler as Season 4 winner Christian Siriano:

TV and Movie Stars say: "Don't vote"

Television and movie stars have created a public service announcement about voting in the upcoming election. It is called "5 Friends" because they suggest that everyone should forward the video to 5 friends. I am posting this with the hope that at least five people read this blog.

October 17, 2008

Official Review of Jimmy Fallon Show!

Wow, what a great show! The show opened with an opening act, who was a British comedian who was a contestant on Last Comic Standing. Unfortunately I forget his name, but he was really funny! He told a lot of great jokes, although it was kind of hard to understand his British accent.

Then Jimmy Fallon came out. He was wearing a Babson sweatshirt, which I guess was given to him when he got here. We had pretty good seats so we had a good view of the show. The doors opened at 8:30, and we arrived around 8:15 or so, and a long line had already formed, but by the time the doors opened the line was probably 3 times as long! We were kind of far back, but right on the center aisle, so we had a pretty good view.

Jimmy Fallon walked out with his guitar and opened with his hit song "Car Wash for Peace", which riled up the crowd. Here is the "Car Wash for Peace" music video:

See more Jimmy Fallon videos at Funny or Die
After that he did some great improv while talking to the audience members and making fun of random students, which is always fun. He then sang a medley of parodies related to "going green", in the styles of Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, Maroon 5, etc. He used to do similar parody medleys on SNL for various holidays on Weekend Update, so it was great to see him to do some new updated material. He then transitioned into one of our favorite SNL sketches of all time, The Barry Gibb Talk Show! He obviously didn't do the whole sketch with his brother Robin and the political guests, but he sang the song and talked in his hilarious Barry Gibb voice, so just seeing that live made the whole show worth it! Unfortunately, no one seemed to recognize the Barry Gibb impression, since I guess no one knows who he is, so he didn't keep it up for too long. He then called up an audience member, asked her a few questions, and made up a song about her on the spot!
Next he sang another one of his hit songs, "Idiot Boyfriend", which the crowd enjoyed as well. For some reason the video on YouTube is not letting me embed, so you can watch it on YouTube here. Jimmy then went into a slew of short celebrity impressions, including most of the pictures and videos that I posted in my anticipation post, including Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Gilbert Gotfried, Chris Rock, and Adam Sandler. I love his Adam Sandler impression! What it is so great about it is that no one ever impersonates Adam Sandler! He has such a crazy way of talking, and Jimmy Fallon really nails his impression. You can watch it on the Celebrity Jeopardy sketch that I posted in the previous blog. He then concluded with a sketch he previously performed on The Concert for New York, a tribute concert after the attacks of September 11. He sings shot snippets of various 80's songs to the tune of MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This". It's pretty cool! The video quality on this isn't great, but you'll get the idea.
So that was the show! It really was a great show and a lot of fun. Most of the material I had already seen before, which in a way was great cause I got to see him do the great material that I love, but at the same time I wish he did some newer stuff too. There was still some new material, plus the improv with the audience members, so that was really fun, but I would have liked a little more.

After the show, the best part...WE MET JIMMY FALLON! We waited outside the side door where his car was waiting, and we got his autograph and our picture taken with him! He's a really nice guy, and I'm glad I got to meet him. As most of you probably know by now, Jimmy Fallon will be taking over for Late Night after Conan O'Brien takes over for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, so if he follows the same path as Conan, in 15 years or so Jimmy Fallon can be the new host of The Tonight Show! So in 20 years, when I tell my kid, "I saw Jimmy Fallon perform live in college and I got his autograph" it's like someone saying to me now "I met Jay Leno" or "I met David Letterman". Pretty cool! Anyway, it was a great show, and overall a great night! Thanks for coming to Babson, Jimmy Fallon!

October 16, 2008

Be Dwight Schrute for Halloween!

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. Unlike most children, it wasn't for the bags of candy (although it never hurt to get a good stash of candy for the next few months, preferably with a high chocolate-to-tootsie rolls ratio). I took costuming very seriously, and planned weeks in advance. Unfortunately, due to some encounters a few years ago with totally un-festive townspeople who made a big deal about giving us candy because we were college freshmen(regardless of our awesome costumes), J and I have hung up our trick-or-treat bags, but no one can stop us (or you) from dressing up! In celebration of Halloween, I will be posting TV-related costume ideas. The first is Dwight Schrute.

Also, Jim has the right idea:

TV Star Spotlight: Jimmy Fallon

I know that we have been posting a lot of clips from Saturday Night Live, and we don't mean to focus so much on one specific show, but today is a very special day. Today, one of the most famous television stars of all time is coming to my very own school of Babson College. I'm talking of course about SNL star and future host of Late Night, Jimmy Fallon! I'm a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon, and I am very excited to see him perform at my school tonight. Jimmy Fallon grew up as a huge fan of SNL, and reportedly made a weekly ritual of watching it every Saturday night in his dorm, just like we do! However, while I will be graduating to go off to work as an actuarial consultant, Jimmy Fallon graduated and eventually starred on SNL itself! Most famous for his musical parodies and spot-on impressions, Jimmy Fallon soon became one of SNL's most prominent cast members. Featured here are pictures of some of his most famous impressions, on the left side going down is Buddy Holly, Howard Stern, Larry King, Chris Rock, and Richard Simmons. Going down on the right side is Gilbert Gottfried, Osama Bin Laden, John Lennon, Ryan Seacrest, and Robin Williams. Enjoy below, a collection of some of my favorite Jimmy Fallon sketches on SNL, as we celebrate the work of Jimmy Fallon. I'm very excited about seeing him live tonight! I'll blog about the show tomorrow and let you know how he was!

October 15, 2008

Clip of the Day: Chicken Dances

One of our favorite shows that we discovered last year is Arrested Development. It was the summer of Superbad, and we just thought that Michael Cera was the funniest guy alive. And everything we read about the movie cited how Michael Cera had previously starred on a show called Arrested Development, which at the time we had never seen. Additionally, we had seen Will Arnett in Blades of Glory, and we thought he was hilarious, and heard that he was part of this mysterious show as well. Then, we were talking to one of our old friends from high school, and she randomly mentioned how Arrested Development is a hilarious show and it's the type of show that we would like. So, after all this hype, A took a risk and bought me the first season of Arrested Development for my birthday. After the first few episodes, we were hooked, and as soon as we finished the season, we immediately ordered the 2nd and 3rd season sets and watched them in a matter of days. Unfortunately, due to low ratings (why hadn't I heard of this show while it was on?) the show was canceled after only 3 seasons, but there are rumors going around that there will be an Arrested Development movie coming out sometime next year, so let's keep our fingers crossed! Well, without further ado, here is today's clip of the day, the entire Bluth family making fun of Michael for being a chicken, while each doing their own respective chicken dances:

October 14, 2008

Sitcom Moms and Dads: George and Carrie's Dad

Many of our favorite sitcom characters have parents who make recurring appearances on the show. These parents are usually very funny characters, and are usually played by very talented older actors. However, what most people do not know, is that very often these actors were very famous back in their day! To start off this recurring segment, I'm going to start by talking about the ultimate sitcom father, Jerry Stiller! Presently, Jerry Stiller is most famous for his Emmy-nominated reccurring role as George Costanza's father on Seinfeld role as Carrie's father on The King of Queens, and his real life role of being the father of Ben Stiller (with whom he has recently appeared in many films). However, 30 years before Seinfeld, back in the 1960's, Jerry Stiller and his wife Anne Meara formed the very successful comedy team of Stiller and Meara, who were popular guests on The Ed Sullivan Show. So here is the great Jerry Stiller, then and now:

Additionally, Jerry Stiller's wife Anne Meara appeared in Sex and the City as the alcoholic mother of Miranda's husband Steve!

Clip of the Day: Bronx Beat

Since this blog is named "we like TV," you probably assumed that there is more than one person who likes TV contributing to this blog. However, close examination of the past few entries reveals that only one person, J, appears to like TV. This is not the case. Hello. Nice to meet you. My name is A, and I like TV. J demands that I make up for the posts that I should have posted over the past days. I don't take J's demands very seriously, but I figured if I want to be considered 50% of "we," I should put a little effort into it.

Now, on to the clip of the day.

Here in New England, the air is getting cool and the leaves are changing, which means only one thing to me: SWEATER WEATHER, or as the ladies of SNL's Bronx Beat (as played by Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph) put it, "sweta weatha." I am a huge fan of sweaters, but this isn't a blog about sweaters, this is a blog about TV. Of course, I couldn't find the sweata weatha clip (from the Brian Williams episode), but I found a clip of Bronx Beat from the Jake Gyllenhaal episode on Hulu.

Wait. That was a bad segway into the clip because it had everything to do about sweta weatha and nothing to do about this clip. I must say, that was a poor introduction. I am actually embarassed of that introduction. I must think of something more relevant. Let's start over.

I was stuck in traffic in the Bronx on Friday night. It was not great. But Bronx Beat is great.

October 11, 2008

SNL TV Parody of the Week!

Well, it's Saturday, so you know what that means, SNL TV Parody of the Week! What, you didn't know that? Well, now you know! We have a new weekly segment which we will post on every Saturday, and that is an SNL parody of one of our favorite TV shows. As you've probably realized, we are big fans of parody (Weird Al songs, Mel Brooks movies, etc) and obviously we are big fans of TV, so we always love it when SNL airs a parody of one of our favorite TV shows. It's great seeing our favorite SNL cast members playing our favorite sitcom characters, and see how they make fun of the show. So, to start off this new segment, we have a twofer for you all! SNL's two takes on our favorite show of all time, The Office!

October 10, 2008

Clip of the Day: Weird Al Show

I'm sure many of you are familiar with "Weird Al" Yankovic, the guy who makes hilarious musical parodies such as "White and Nerdy", "Amish Paradise", "Pretty Fly for a Rabbi", "Eat It", etc. In fact, his newest single, a parody entitled "Whatever you Like" (a parody of the T.I. song by the same title) was just released a few days ago exclusively on iTunes! you can order it here! Anyway, while I'm sure you all know that Weird Al is a great songwriter and singer, I bet you didn't know that he had his own TV Show! Yes, in the late 1990's, Weird Al starred in his very own Saturday morning children's show on CBS called "The Weird Al Show". Unfortunately, the show was canceled after just 13 episodes, since the show featured Weird Al's warped sense of humor in an apparent children's show. While the show is not amazing, it is certainly entertaining, and as a matter of fact, the complete series is now available on DVD! So here it is, the opening theme for the short lived "Weird Al Show"! Enjoy!

October 9, 2008

TV Clip of the Day: Roxbury Guys

Hello everyone,

I know it's been a while since my last post. I apologize for no Clip of the Day for yesterday, October 8, as I was busy traveling and observing the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. While attending services for Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, I was thinking of what clip would be appropriate for the Clip of the Day, in keeping with the theme of atonement and forgiveness. I thought of the perfect clip, the clip from the season 3 episode of The Office entitled "The Return" when Dwight begs for Michaels forgiveness after going behind his back and calling Jan to get his job. Unfortunately, I could not find the clip anywhere online, and therefore I cannot share it with you all today.

Saddened by my lack of clip finding, I started flipping through the channels on TV, to see if I could find some inspiration for a new clip. And sure enough, on TBS was the classic Will Ferrell/Chris Kattan movie, "A Night at the Roxbury". While everyone is talking about Tina Fey's appearnace on SNL these past few weeks portryaing Sarah Palin, I thought it would be a good time to remember a classic SNL sketch from the 1990's, the one that inspired the feature film. So, here it is (while it's still October 9), today's clip of the day, the Roxbury Guys sketch from SNL featuring Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, and that week's guest host, Jim Carrey.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

October 8, 2008

TV Clip of the Day: Tape of Love

Here's a wonderful little clip from one of our new favorite shows, "Flight of the Conchords". While I love musicals, and I love sitcoms, I never thought I'd find the day someone made a musical sitcom, until we stumbled upon "Flight of the Conchords". How did we find this little show, without access to HBO? Well, one day, I was in Best Buy, looking at the TV DVDs as usual, when I noticed an "HBO Comedy Sampler" for just 1 cent! It contained one episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, one episode of Extras, and one episode of Flight of the Conchords. I had heard a lot of great things about Curb, and I knew Extras was created by Ricky Gervais (who created The Office), so I was very exicted to see these shows, and for 1 cent, why not! I had never really heard of Flight of the Conchords, so I didn't think much of it. But, much to our surprise, when we watched the 3 episodes, we found that Flight of the Conchords was our favorite show on the disc! Shortly after, we bought the complete 1st season on DVD, and now we're hooked! Anxiously awaiting the 2nd season, which is expected to air on HBO in January!
So, here's today's clip of the day, from episode 4, the song "Cello Tape" (or as I call it, "Tape of Love")