October 18, 2008

TV Character Spotlight: George W. Bush

Earlier this weekend we saw the film W. about the life and presidency of George W. Bush. I found the film very interesting, and I really learned a lot about the man. While I certainly wouldn't consider myself a George W. Bush fan, the film really makes you sympathize with the guy, and understand why he did a lot of the things that he did. Another great thing I liked about the film was the performance of Josh Brolin acting as George W. Bush. So in honor of the film, I've complied a group of clips of George W. Bush being portayed on various television shows. Who do you think does the best Bush?

Will Ferrell on SNL:

Will Forte on SNL:

Comedy Central's Lil' Bush:

Comedy Central's South Park:

Comedy Central's Chappelle Show (Warning: This video contains profanity):

Comedy Central's That's My Bush:

FOX's Family Guy:

TBS's Frank TV:

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