October 26, 2008

TV Star Spotlight: Amy Poehler

Well, today we have learned the bittersweet news that SNL star Amy Poehler has given birth to her baby boy, Archie Arnett, yesterday afternoon. While this is great news for Amy and her husband, Arrested Development star Will Arnett, it is also sad news, as this means that Amy Poehler has ended her 8 year run on SNL. So, in honor of Amy's departure from Saturday Night Live, we give you what is in our opinion, the Best of Amy Poehler on SNL. Hopefully it's not long before a similar DVD is released containing her best SNL moments. So enjoy some clips of our favorites, and feel free to comment and share your favorite Amy Poehler SNL memories!

Kaitlin and Rick:

The Needlers:

Britney Spears' Divorce:

Jojo the Scrappy Valet:

Dakota Fanning Show:

Bronx Beat:

Jon Bon Jovi visits young Amy Poehler:

REALLY!?! with Seth and Amy:

Hillary Clinton & Hillary Clinton:

The Palin Rap:

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