October 16, 2008

TV Star Spotlight: Jimmy Fallon

I know that we have been posting a lot of clips from Saturday Night Live, and we don't mean to focus so much on one specific show, but today is a very special day. Today, one of the most famous television stars of all time is coming to my very own school of Babson College. I'm talking of course about SNL star and future host of Late Night, Jimmy Fallon! I'm a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon, and I am very excited to see him perform at my school tonight. Jimmy Fallon grew up as a huge fan of SNL, and reportedly made a weekly ritual of watching it every Saturday night in his dorm, just like we do! However, while I will be graduating to go off to work as an actuarial consultant, Jimmy Fallon graduated and eventually starred on SNL itself! Most famous for his musical parodies and spot-on impressions, Jimmy Fallon soon became one of SNL's most prominent cast members. Featured here are pictures of some of his most famous impressions, on the left side going down is Buddy Holly, Howard Stern, Larry King, Chris Rock, and Richard Simmons. Going down on the right side is Gilbert Gottfried, Osama Bin Laden, John Lennon, Ryan Seacrest, and Robin Williams. Enjoy below, a collection of some of my favorite Jimmy Fallon sketches on SNL, as we celebrate the work of Jimmy Fallon. I'm very excited about seeing him live tonight! I'll blog about the show tomorrow and let you know how he was!

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