June 26, 2012

SNL Web Series: More "Front Desk" plus Abby Elliott Series!

I know it's been a little while since out last post, but we've had a crazy couple of weeks.  But have no fear, we're back, and have lots to catch up on!

First, as we posted earlier this month, 30 Rock star and former SNL writer John Lutz has a new web series called The Front Desk.  At the time, only the first episode featuring Bill Hader was available, but now episodes 2 and 3 are up with guests Paula Pell (Pete's wife of 30 Rock and Ron's mother "Tammy 0" on Parks & Rec) and comedian J.B. Smoove (former SNL writer)!  Enjoy!

And if that wasn't enough SNL goodiness for you, SNL cast member Abby Elliott also has a new web series!  Here's the first 2 episodes of her new online show, The Assistant, featuring Abby in dual roles:

And here's some highlights from the show, including clips from upcoming episodes!

We'll try to do a better job of staying on top of these and post them as they're released!  Stay tuned for more...


Episode 3 of The Assistant was just released!

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