June 3, 2012

Jimmy Fallon CD: Blow Your Pants Off

On Tuesday June 12, Jimmy Fallon will release a comedy album entitled "Blow Your Pants Off", featuring many of the hilarious musical performances from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, as well as a few new, previously unreleased compositions.  The album also features guest appearances from many legendary musical performers dueting with Jimmy, including Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake, Eddie Veder, Dave Matthews, and even the great Stephen Colbert.  It looks like there will be 2 versions of the album - a standard edition with 12 songs and a deluxe edition with an additional 5 songs.  Here's the track listing for the deluxe version (which is obviously the one we're gonna pick up), including the videos of Late Night performance if there was one (and if it's currently available online).

UPDATE: It appears that the 2 versions of the album with the 12 track "standard" edition and 17 track "deluxe" edition are only for iTunes.  For the physical CD's, it looks like they will all have the first 15 tracks listed below.  I guess that would make the last 2 tracks "iTunes bonus tracks".  I have updated this below.

1. Neil Young Sings Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme
The first musical sketch to appear on Late Night, and still one of the best.  Jimmy's Neil Young impression is uncanny, and the combination of Neil Young singing the rap theme from Fresh Prince is just hilarious.

2. History of Rap (featuring Justin Timberlake)
Forget Justin and Andy.  The best comedy rap duo is Justin and Jimmy, as they take you through the history of rap.  While I don't really listen to any rap music, I couldn't help but really enjoy this.  They've done 3 History of Raps so far, but it looks like it's just the first one that'll appear on the album.

3. Tebowie
Like his unlikely combination of Neil Young and Fresh Prince, now Jimmy combines David Bowie with Tim Tebow.  The result is amazing.

4. Scrambled Eggs (featuring Paul McCartney)
It's common knowledge that when Paul McCartney first came up with the melody for The Beatles classic "Yesterday", he plugged in the lyric "Scrambled Eggs" before he ultimately came up with lyrics of "Yesterday".  But on Late Night, Paul unveiled the full version of "Scrambled Eggs", with Jimmy singing harmony.  Unfortunately, NBC took down the video and we can't find a decent version of the clip elsewhere, so here's the audio of the performance with a video of the lyrics.

5.  The Doors singing "Reading Rainbow"
Again, Jimmy combines a spot-on impression of a classic rock legend with an unlikely song.  This time, it's an impression of Doors front-man Jim Morrison, singing theme to the classic children's TV show Reading Rainbow.

6.  Balls in Your Mouth (featuring Eddie Vedder)
After the Gulf oil spill, Jimmy wrote an original song called "Balls in Your Mouth", about the dangers of swimming in the ocean near the spill.  Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder stopped by to join along.

7. My Neighbors Upstairs are Having Sex (and Listening to the Black Eyed Peas) 
As a parody of The Ramones, Jimmy and his fake group "The Vanilla Wombats" perform a song about his neighbors upstairs who are having sex while listening to the Black Eyed Peas.

8. Bob Dylan sings Charles in Charge
Again, Jimmy does another classic rock star impression singing an unlikely song.  This time, it's Bob Dylan singing the theme from Charles in Charge.

9. Walk of Shame (featuring Dave Matthews)
When Jimmy moved the show to University of North Carolina to interview President Obama, before the President came out, Jimmy unveiled this new song about the walk of shame after an embarrassing college hookup.  Musical guest Dave Matthews came out to sing along.

10. Slow Jam the News (featuring Brian Williams)
This is an ongoing segment that Jimmy actually first introduced in  his very first episode of Late Night, where rather than make a joke about a particular news story, he'll "slow jam" it with The Roots.  NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams soon joined the segment became a regular guest, though Jimmy recently slow jammed the news with President Obama.  I'm not sure which Slow Jam will be on the album, but here's one with Jimmy and "Bri-Willy" slow jamming about Super PACs.  Stephen Colbert would be proud.

11. New French Girlfriend
This is a new, previously unreleased song that I know nothing at all about. (Deluxe Version Only)

12. Cougar Huntin' (featuring Big & Rich)
Another new, previously unreleased song that I know nothing about.  I also have no idea who Big & Rich are.

13. You Spit When You Talk 
Yet another new, previously unreleased song.

14. Friday (featuring Stephen Colbert)
Back when Jimmy and Stephen were BFFSM (Best Friends For Six Months), Stephen promised that if his fans donated $26,000 to his charity, that Jimmy would match.  Jimmy was unaware of this, and retaliated by promising that if his fans could raise the money, that Stephen Colbert would come on his show to perform Rebecca Black's "Friday".  The FalPals raised the money, and Stephen was a man of Jimmy's word.

15. Neil Young sings Whip My Hair (featuring Bruce Springsteen)
Jimmy brings back his Neil Young impression to sing Willow Smith's hit pop song "Whip My Hair", with a little help from Bruce Springsteen as 1970's Bruce Springsteen.

16. Jeremy (Linsanity) [iTunes Bonus Track]
Not only does Eddie Vedder appear on the album, but Jimmy also does a great Eddie Vedder impression to sing this parody of the Pearl Jam song "Jeremy", about NY Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin.

17 Let Us Play with your Look [iTunes Bonus Track]
The repetitive theme song to one of our favorite Late Night segments, where Jimmy's guest gives a makeover to a random audience member, while Jimmy continues to sing the theme song higher and higher each time.  Here's the first edition of Let Us Play with Your Look, featuring guest Will Ferrell.

Again, the album comes out on June 12, so be sure to pick up a copy!  And if you can't wait until then, Jimmy is doing some sort of Concert/Q&A thing this Friday, June 8 at 8:00 EST on YouTube, so be sure to check it out!  I'm not quite sure what it will be, but it sounds exciting!  Here's Jimmy talking about it:

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