June 11, 2012

New SNL Web Series: The Front Desk

It's been 3 long weeks since Saturday Night Live had its season finale, and we're already ready starting to get SNL withdrawal.  HOW WILL WE POSSIBLY SURVIVE THE LONG SUMMER UNTIL SNL RETURNS???  Well, good news!  SNL has just released a new web series called The Front Desk starring our favorite 30 Rock star (and former SNL writer)...Lutz!  According to the show's website, "The Front Desk stars John Lutz (30 Rock) as the front desk clerk of a boutique hotel in New York City."  And not only that, the first episode stars SNL cast member Bill Hader as a set of triplets!  Check it out below!

Dying to know what else is coming up on The Front Desk?  Here's a little preview of the series, which (repeats part of Bill Hader's episode but then) features upcoming guest appearances from Fred Armisen, Paula Pell (SNL writer and Pete's wife on 30 Rock), and comedian JB Smoove (also former SNL writer)!

We'll be sure to post upcoming episodes when they're released online.  This should definitely hold us over until the fall!

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