June 12, 2012

Jimmy Fallon's "Blow Your Pants Off" Album Now Available!

Well, the day is finally here!  Jimmy Fallon's new comedy album "Blow Your Pants Off" is finally out!  Naturally, I walked 20 blocks in the rain (without an umbrella) to the nearest Best Buy today to pick it up during my lunch break, and then rushed home after work to listen to it.  Really great album!  As we've previously posted, the album contains most of the big musical sketches from Late Night, as well as a few new songs.  Since we already posted all the videos of the the songs on the album from the show, we thought we'd just tell you a few things about the album that you probably don't know if you haven't picked it up yet.

"Let Us Play with Your Look!"
The first thing you should know is that the album cover is uncensored.  Despite the sticker that appears on the packaging, and the blurred out butt on the photo above, the actual album has the butt fully in focus, so be warned!  Also, as I explained in the Update to the previous post about the album, the CD contains 15 songs, but the Deluxe iTunes version has 17.  To get the full Blow Your Pants Off experience, we suggest you do as we did and buy the CD, and then go to iTunes to download the last 2 songs ("Jeremy (Linsanity)" and "Let Us Play with Your Look").

     Mets Bucket Hat Guy                         Graphics Guy
    The album comes with a little fold out pamphlet.  When you open the pamphlet, the outside has lots of   photos of Jimmy performing all the songs on the show, and on the inside they give the full credits for each song.  Interestingly, most of the songs are not written by Jimmy, but rather by show writers Mike DiCenzo (Mets Buck Hat Guy) and Gerard Bradford (Graphics Guy from "Head Swap").  Together, they wrote the lyrics to "Tebowie", "Scrambled Eggs", "Balls in Your Mouth", and "My Upstairs Neighbors are Having Sex (And Listening to the Black Eyed Peas)".  Jimmy Fallon and Gerard Bradford wrote the three new songs "New French Girlfriend", "Cougar Huntin'", and "You Spit When You Talk".  Jimmy, Gerard Bradford, and Mike DiCenzo all wrote "Walk of Shame" together. "Slow Jam the News" (it's the Super PAC one) is written by The Roots.  (The rest of the songs are all covers.)

    As I just mentioned, three of the songs on the album, "New French Girlfriend", "Cougar Huntin'", and "You Spit When You Talk", were not from the show and are new songs written for the album.  Jimmy actually performed "New French Girlfriend" in his YouTube Concert last week, and also performed it again last night on Late Night.  

    A fun spoof on French music and culture, the song reminded us of the Flight of the Conchords song "Foux Du Fafa".

    The other new songs were good as well.  The first one, "Cougar Huntin" featured country duo Big & Rich and told the story of Jimmy and the guys going to a bar and huntin' for some cougars.  The style was very reminiscent of a song Jimmy did  back in 2010 on the show named "Drunk on Christmas", which also featured John Rich (without Big).  That song was previously released on iTunes as a single.

    The other new song is "Spit When You Talk".  Jimmy uses his Springsteen voice (who he later duets with on the album) to sing this very funny and clever song about a girl who spits when she talks.

    Fallon,Jimmy Blow Your Pants Off VINYL 093624949602 FrontAnd that about covers it. Overall, a really great album that covers all the greatest hits of the musical sketches featured on Late Night, as well as a few fun, new songs.  Also, for all you hipsters out there, the album was also released on vinyl!  I actually have a little collection of comedy records on vinyl  myself, which i have framed on my wall, so I'm debating adding this to the collection.  I do really like the album, but not sure if I want to look at Jimmy's butt (or stunt butt) everyday on my wall...

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