June 5, 2012

Shy Ronnie Surprise Appearance at Santigold Concert, Best of Lonely Island Live

Andy Samberg may have left Saturday Night Live, but that doesn't mean his characters are gone for good.  A few weeks ago (I think it was on May 14, a few days before his final SNL episode), Andy's Shy Ronnie character made a surprise appearance at a free Santigold concert in New York.  (Santigold was featured on the song "After Party" on The Lonely Island's second album Incredibad.)  Check out the clip below.  As usual, Ronnie is quite shy at first, but eventually (around the 3:30 mark) starts laying down the raps.

This isn't the first time Andy has made a surprise concert appearance to reprise one of his Digital Short characters.  See more after the jump!

Back in August 2009, he surprised fans by showing up at Justin Timberlake's concert at Madison Square Garden to perform their Lonely Island hit "D*ck in a Box":

Despite the shorts debuting on a show called Saturday Night LIVE, the videos are always famously pre-recorded (hence the name "Digital Short"), so it's quite rare to see the songs performed live.  While the Lonely Island have unfortunately never done a big concert (it would be quite hard with all of the celebrity collaborations), they have done a few special live performances for various television events. 

The Lonely Island appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform "I'm on a Boat" with The Roots.  Tariq of The Roots sang the part originally sung by T-Pane.  (Another time, Chris Parnell was Jimmy's guest and Andy crashed the show, to surprise fans with a live performance of "Lazy Sunday".  I can't find an embeddeble video, but you can watch it here.)

The dudes also appeared at the first Comedy Awards last year for a live performance of their hit "I Just Had Sex" with Akon, which eventually transitioned into "I'm on a Boat".

They also appeared at the 2011 Emmy's, to perform a medley of 3 of their big hits: "Jack Sparrow", "3-Way", and "I Just Had Sex", with Michael Bolton, Ed Helms, John Stamos, Maya Rudolph, and Akon.

Finally, while not technically a performance by The Lonely Island, a slew of celebrities covered some Lonely Island hits when Andy hosted the MTV Movie Awards back in 2009. 

Now that Andy's off SNL, maybe The Lonely Island will have time for a tour?  Here's hoping!

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