March 14, 2012

Will Ferrell's Promotional Tour for Casa de mi Padre

This Friday, Will Ferrell has a new movie coming out called Casa de mi Padre.  The film is a spoof of traditional Mexican telenovelas, and features Will Ferrell speaking Spanish throughout the entire film.  As a huge fan of Will Ferrell, I am very excited to see this film.  And based on the commercials I've seen, it looks hilarious.  

Now when most actors have a film to promote, they appear on various talk shows to talk about the movie.  And usually they come out, tell a silly story, and answer the same old questions about the film on each show.  Will Ferrell however, is not like most actors. Over the last few days he has appeared on many talk shows to promote the film, and each appearance is vastly different.  And of course, hilarious.

First up, Will Ferrell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  He arrived on a fake horse, and did the entire interview in Spanish.  

On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Will Ferrell spent less than a minute talking about the film, and the rest of the time talking about his stylish "comedy helmet".

Will's most "normal" interview was on the Today show with Matt Lauer:

Will appeared again on the Today show in the 4th hour to talk to Hoda and Kathy Lee.  This time, he was joined by co-star Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation).  The two conducted the interview in robes will drinking Bloody Mary's.

Lastly, while not a television appearance, Will Ferrell made a special video for his 3.5 million Facebook friends.  If you're not Facebook friends with Willl Ferrell, I suggest you become one, because you get to see the movie for free!  Check out the video here:

Casa de me Padre arrives in theaters in just 2 days on Friday, March 16!

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