March 21, 2012

Who Dat Ninja? Mitt Romney's Son on SNL

A few weeks ago we were watching the following sketch on Saturday Night Live:

When they showed Romney's sons, we obviously recognized Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen, Taran Killam,. and Bobby Moynihan, but who plays the other son?  It turns out it's Mike O'Brien, one of the writers for SNL.  O'Brien has actually appeared on the show many times, but he is probably most known for his talk show 7 Minutes in Heaven.  You've never heard of it?  That's probably because it's not on TV. It's an internet talk show that takes place in O'Brien's closet.  He interviews mostly SNL and other TV stars, and asks them weird questions about themselves or has them act out silly scenarios with him.  Each interview then ends with Mike O'Brien awkwardly attempting to kiss his guest.   Here's a few of our favorite episodes of 7 Minutes in Heaven.

Kristen Wiig

Tracy Morgan

Ty Burrell

Seth Meyers

To see all the other guests who have joined Mike in the closet, check out all the videos here.

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