March 20, 2012

Guest Post: American Idol Recap - Top 13

Here's a new American Idol Recap from Guest Blogger Daniel!

 Jessica Sanchez impressed slaying one of Whitney Houston’s classics

So, Idol is back with the top 13 and they are singing songs in tribute to the late Whitney Houston with the girls singing songs by Whitney herself and the guys singing songs by the great Stevie Wonder. Also, a twist! America will vote on the bottom guy and bottom girl and the judges will chose to save one of them. Also, I liked Ryan’s backstage intro. And its American Idol’s 400th episode. To the recap!

Joshua Ledet                         I Wish
Joshua did a really good job with this up-tempo song. Mary J. Blige made a smart move by putting the guy with the church background on the piano to make him more comfortable with the song. I also noticed the little hand thing he did and I agree with J-Lo that it's not really a bad thing. A-

Elise Testone                         I’m Your Baby Tonight
I actually thought this was pretty solid. Was it fantastic? No. But it was pretty good, especially considering that she had just learned the song. I thought the judges were really too hard on her.  B

Jermaine Jones                     Knocks Me Off My Feet
I really like his voice but this performance was just boring. The vocals weren’t bad, it's just that there was nothing really interesting. I like Jermaine but it’s a fierce competition. I hope he makes it, but I’m a bit concerned. If he does make it through, he will have to really come through next week with a performance as good as “Dance With My Father” was last week. C+

Erika Van Pelt                     I Believe In You And Me
When I first heard her sing in the video I thought it was a boy. At the beginning of the performance, same thing!  That said, Erika and her low voice that I once hated pulled out a solid performance. It was really impressive how at the end she hit the high note. I wouldn’t say it was “unbelievable” the way Randy did, but it was good. But what did she mean at the end when she said that she has “fire inside?” Anyway EVP was solid but not great. B+

Colton Dixon                         Lately
Colton is probably my favorite contestant and “Lately” probably my favorite Stevie Wonder song. But like Jimmy said, Stevie is not Colton’s wheelhouse. That said, he is immensely talented and I was sure that he could pull it off, especially with a song as great as “Lately”. The problem with choosing “Lately” though was it was done by Stefano Langone last season and he absolutely killed it. Colton would not only have to nail it but really put his own spin on it. And he did. Colton delivered a practically flawless vocal. Also, how incredible was the falsetto at the end. Also, I loved the small part of his original song we heard in the video. I’m ready to buy a Colton Dixon album. He hereby receives my official endorsement for American Idol this season. Colton Dixon 2012! A

Shannon Magrane                  I Have Nothing *Worst Performance Of The Night*
I like Shannon a lot but early in that song she lost her breath. However, until then, she was singing pretty well. But then her voice cracked and it went down hill from there. This was defiantly not Shannon’s best performance. However, I did not know what the judges were talking about with the band possibly being off at the beginning. Hoping that Shannon sticks around but that was not a great performance. C-

DeAndre Brackensick             Master Blaster
I really like his personality. His reaction to the backstage footage of him crying was really funny. I like his voice, he just has to make sure he doesn’t overuse his falsetto, like he did when he sang “Georgia On My Mind” for his life. And he nailed it tonight. This is what the judges saw in him. This was so good it made me feel better about the fact that he got the wild card spot over Reed Grimm and Eben Franckewitz. Also male Naima, Steven?  Really??? Really with Seth AND Amy??? DeAndre deserves better then that. Anyway, great job DeAndre! Your really winning me over. A

Skylar Laine                           Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Skylar took on the daunting task of “Where Do Broken Hearts Go.” Not only is this a great song and a tough one to sing but it was sung really well last season by Pia Toscano. That said, Skylar nailed it. Skylar looks like she could be a force to be reckoned with in this competition. A

Heenjun Han                          All Is Fair In Love
This guy is super funny. The thing he did with the pictures he gave to Mary and Jimmy, very funny. But how did he sing? Not too well. I like him but this was very pitchy and boring. However, it wasn’t terrible. He really nailed that last note but the performance was so inconsistent. I loved his banter with J-Lo. I really hope he improves cause he’s lots of fun. That said, he’s got a ways to go. C

Hollie Cavanaugh                  All the Man I Need
WOW! She’s so young. And so small, but she can really belt. I know I just said the female front runner was Skylar, but Hollie looks really strong too. And we cant forget about Colton. And Phillip hasn’t even sung yet. We are in for a great season. Anyway, Hollie was fantastic. A

Jeremy Rosado                      Ribbon In The Sky
Jeremy has a really great voice. His ability to hit that long, high note is something that no other male contestant has. His voice has a purity that no one else has. If he is voted out, Idol will have really lost a talent.  B+

Jessica Sanchez                      I Will Always Love You *Best Performance Of The Night*
This is hard song to sing. Probably Whitney’s biggest hit. And Jessica absolutely nailed it! Just perfect. The lights. The way she looked. The steam. The wind machine. The way she sang. All great. A+

Phillip Phillips                          Superstition
This is the Phillip I know! He bounced off a rough performance by absolutely killing "Superstition". I loved his howl at the end. At the beginning it sorta sounded like he was behind the music, but he caught up by the chorus and nailed the rest of the song. A-

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