March 9, 2012

Guest Post: American Idol Recap - Revealing The Top 13

Guest Blogger Daneil shares another recap of American Idol: 

The Judges chose three contestants of these six, Erika Van Pelt, Reed Grimm, Jen Hirsh, Jeremy Rosado, Brielle Von Hugel and DeAndre Brackinsick, to save.

I won’t usually write about results shows, but this was a big one. In this episode, the top 13 were revealed. The top 13 is made up of the 5 guys and 5 girls who America voted for. Then the judges choose six people, three guys and three girls, of the people of those who got eliminated to sing one more time in an effort to earn the last three spots, which are given by the judges. So let's get to it.

After the usual back and forth “Welcome to American Idol” stuff and a commercial break we get into the results with some guys first. Jeremy Rosado (who got an A the other night), Phillip Phillips (C+) and Chase Likens (A-) were called to the stage. We also got in house mentor Jimmy Iovine giving a brutal, (sometimes too harsh) but probably necessary dose of honesty. Even though I didn’t like Phillip the other night, though Jimmy loved it, he is clearly one of the more talented singers and I was hoping that he would make it. I like Chase but the guys are very talented this year and I’m not sure he’s as good as some of the others. And I hope I wasn’t the only one who thought that what Steven said to Chase mad absolutely no sense. Anyway, Ryan first told Jeremy that he didn’t make the cut and then told Phillip that he made it and Chase that he didn’t.

He then moved on to the girls, calling down Jessica Sanchez (B+), Hollie Cavanagh (A-), Brielle Von Hugel (A-), and Hallie Day (A-). I was hoping for them to all make it but Hallie, even though I knew that was unlikely. Interestingly Jimmy said that Jessica was in the “pole position.” Ryan then told Brielle that she didn’t make it and said the same to Hallie, sending Jessica and Hollie into the top 13.

Ryan went back to the guys, calling forward Adam Brock aka the man with the large black woman inside him (B-), Heejun Han (C-), and Joshua Ledet (A). Jimmy really trashed Heejun though, saying that this isn’t America’s comedian and that Heejun only had an ok voice. When Ryan asked him about the “American Comedian” comment Heejun brushed it off saying “who’s that?”, then turning to the camera and making a "Debbie Downer"-esc face. The guy is really really funny. I only really wanted Joshua to make it through but both Joshua and Heejun made it to the next round. Also, there was this one really awkward moment where Adam threw his head back on stage and laughed for no apparent reason and no one else in the whole studio laughed.

Ryan then called forward Shannon McGrane (A), Skylar Laine (A), Chelsea Sorrell (C), and Bailey Brown (B). Ryan first told Shannon that she made it through, and then also sent Skylar through to the next round. The other two headed back to the couch.

Ryan then called forward Reed Grimm (B-), Aaron Marcellus (B+), and Creighton Fraker (B). I was really hoping that only Reed made it. I really like his quirkiness, but sadly he didn't, and neither did Aaron or Creighton.

Next up, Ryan called forward the only four girls who hadn’t been called yet: Jen Hirsh (D+), Haley Johnsen (F), Erika Van Pelt (B+), and Elise Testone (B-). Four girls and only one spot open for a girl in America’s top 10. Not surprisingly, Elise was who filled the slot, which I think was probably the right decision by America.

Ryan then got around to the final four guys, Jermaine Jones (A), Colton Dixon (A), Eben Frankowitz (B+), and DeAndre Brackinsick (C-). This group (below) had my two favorite contestants in it, Colton and Eben, and I really wanted them to both make it. Jimmy said something very interesting about Eben, claiming that Eben was “a really talented kid” who at 15 was “not ready for prime time, not yet” He then went on to say “If he doesn’t make it, I’d like to see him come back but the way the rules work he can’t come back. They’ve got to change the rules.” DeAndre didn’t make it and after he embraced the other three we saw him and all his hair loop behind them, which got laughs. Ryan then continued saying to Colton “You are not” literally making me yell, “what is wrong with you America!?” Ryan then finished with “going to be disappointed tonight” and sent Colton to safety leaving Eben and Jermaine, the little guy and the big guy. Ideally, Heejun wouldn't be there, and they would both make it, but only one could make it. I liked watching Eben jokingly stand on his tip toes to try to compare to Jermaine height wise. However, then Ryan delivered the news that Eben did not make it and (spoiler) he will not be given a second chance by the judges L. I’m really disappointed about that and now I’m with Jimmy. “THEY’VE GOT TO CHANGE THE RULES.” Eben Frankowitz season 12?

Anyway the second chances. Here is who I would have chosen: For the guys - Eben, Reed and Jeremy And for the girls - Brielle, Baylie and Jen. But the judges chose Jen, Brielle, and Erika for the girls and Jeremy, DeAndre and Reed for the boys. Good Bye Eben. L Anyway, Eben or no Eben, let's get on to grading the people who get to sing again.

Jen Hirsh                                Oh Darling
She has a good voice and a good attitude, but this is her second really bad performance. She can’t do that and what she did the other night and get through. Sorry Jen. C-

Jeremy Rosado                      I Know You Won't
Jeremy put so much emotion into this, it was truly touching as was seeing his mom crying in the audience. He has a wonderful, pure voice. At the end, the emotion got the best of him and he started crying, but that was part of what made it great. J-Lo was crying too. Anyway, I gotta believe that gave Jeremy a spot in the top 13. A

Brielle Von Hugel                  Someone Like You
Great song but didn’t Jimmy just say that he thought Adele songs were super hard? Anyway, this wasn’t great. I felt her emotion too but it didn’t help her voice the way it did with Jeremy. It had some ok moments but overall I don’t think this helped her chances too much. You're better then this Brielle! Also congrats to Steven who gave a legit critique. C+

DeAndre Brackensick           Georgia On My Mind
This is DeAndre’s potential and it was very good. Notice how he didn’t sing everything high like he did the other night and that it was miles better just like I said. He actually has great tone and I don’t know why he feels like he always has to go high. Anyway, he showed what he could do here and I liked it. A-

Erika Van Pelt                                    Edge Of Glory
Interesting song choice. This was good but it was actually a little boring. And this is a Lady Gaga song we’re talking about. It was pretty good though. Anyway, it was by far the best one out of the girls who sang tonight. Also, them showing Eben in the middle of the song only made me more nervous about the last available spot that Eben could have gotten. B+

Reed Grimm                           Use Me
Not Eben! L But I like Reed. He is really talented and likeable. He has a fantastic voice. I love his attitude and how outgoing he is. How he had to take his shirt off before he sang. He was fantastic. He is a great performer. He can dance and he can really sing. He just entertains. This was fantastic. I was sure he had locked up his spot. This also was our first A+ of the season. A+

I was sure that the results would be Erika, Jeremy and Reed making it through. Sure enough, Erika was given the go as was Jeremy, who knelt down sobbing with emotion when J-Lo told him he had made it, and when Ryan asked if he wanted to go hug J-Lo, he said passionately, “I do”. Then… DeAndre. I like DeAndre, but over Reed??? Really? Sorry Reed. You got robbed. Also, Reed seemed genuinely happy for DeAndre when his name was called. You’re a good guy Reed Grimm. You’ve got a bright future. You too Eben!

Anyway congrats to the top 13 (top row left to right) Ellise Testone, Phillip Phillips, Jermaine Jones, Erika Van Pelt, Jeremy Rosado, (middle row) Joshua Ledet, Heejun Han, Shannon McGrane, DeAndre Brackensick, Skylar Laine, (bottom row) Colton Dixon, Hollie Cavanagh, and Jessica Sanchez.

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