December 3, 2012

Pete Schweddy's Forgotten Return to The Delicious Dish

Last week, we enjoyed watching the SNL Christmas special on NBC, a 2 hour collection of the best holiday-themed sketches over the show's 38 year history (though it was quite heavily skewed towards the more current seasons).  Naturally, we have seen these classic sketches many times before, but it's always fun to watch them again nonetheless.  

The special included one of the greatest and most classic SNL sketches of all time- the infamous "Schweddy Balls" sketch, which featured Alec Baldwin as Pete Schweddy appearing on the NPR program "The Delicious Dish" to promote his ball-shaped holiday treats.  The sketch was ranked as the #3 greatest SNL sketch ever on the "E! 101 Most Unforgettable  SNL Moments" list and even spawned its own Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor! (Yes, I've had it.)  While the Delicious Dish sketch with Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon  has recurred 15 times throughout the show's history, it will forever be remembered for that one magical time that Alec Baldwin appeared as Pete Schweddy.
BUT, did you know that Pete Schweddy actually returned to the Delicious Dish a second time?  It's true!  After the enormous success of Schweddy Balls, Alec Baldwin reprised his character of Pete Schweddy to return to the Delicious Dish to introduce his latest culinary treat!  It's also interesting to note that this sketch aired shortly after Molly Shannon had left the show, so Rachel Dratch was introduced as as Ana Gasteryer's new co-host!  Check it out!

And in case you're one of the only people in the world who's never seen it (or you just want to watch it again), here's the classic "Schweddy Balls" sketch:

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