December 14, 2012

Golden Globe Nominations Announced! Our Official Picks!

Today the nominations for the 70th Golden Globe Awards were announced!  As you might expect, we care most about the TV comedy categories, so here are the nominations for each of those categories, and our picks for who we think should win!

Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Episodes
  • Girls
  • Modern Family
  • Smash
Sadly, many of our favorites like 30 Rock, The Office, Parks & Recreation, Community,  and Louie weren't nominated this year.  Out of the 5 that were, the only one we actually watch is Modern Family, so we'll have to vote for that one.  Modern Family is a truly hilarious show with an amazing ensemble made up of both adults and kids.  Modern Family won last year, so hopefully it wins again!  Here's a great clip from a recent episode with guest star Matthew Broderick, who gets mixed signals from Phil:

Best Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy
  • Alec Baldwin - 30 Rock
  • Don Cheadle - House of Lies
  • Louis C.K. - Louie
  • Matt LeBlanc - Episodes
  • Jim Parsons - The Big Bang Theory
As much as we love Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock, we're rooting for Louis C.K. Alec Baldwin has already won the award 3 times now (Matt LeBlanc and Jim Parsons have also each won) so it would really be nice to see Louis C.K. get some recognition.  While I'll readily admit that when it comes to acting, Louis doesn't have much of a range, he is really great at playing the fictionalized version of himself that he wrote for himself on Louie, as evidenced in this clip:

Best Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy
  • Zooey Deschanel - New Girl
  • Lena Dunham - Girls
  • Tina Fey - 30 Rock
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Veep
  • Amy Poehler - Parks and Recreation
While we love Tina Fey in 30 Rock (who's already won the award twice before), it's really a travesty that five seasons in, Amy Poehler has never won a major award for her role as Leslie Knope in Parks & Rec.  While Leslie Knope can be very funny and silly, she's also a very honest and emotional character, as evidenced by last season's Election Day finale and the proposal scene earlier this season.  But here's a lighter clip, featuring Leslie doing a little fashion show before a public appearance:

Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Film
  • Max Greenfield - New Girl
  • Ed Harris - Game Change
  • Danny Huston - Magic City
  • Mandy Patinkin - Homeland
  • Eric Stonestreet - Modern Family
Modern Family is great, and Eric Stonestreet is our 2nd favorite character on the show (after Ty Burrell, who won the Emmy last year).  But we're giving our vote to Max Greenfield on New Girl.  When New Girl first premiered, it was being billed as "The Zooey Deschanel Show", a show about Zooey Deschanel playing the titular "new girl" who moves in with a bunch of guys after a breakup.  But the focus of the show slowly began to shift away from Zooey's character Jess and more to Max's hilarious character of Schmidt.  While Schmidt is first introduced as a bit of a jerk (the roommates actually have a "douche jar" that he has to contribute to whenever he says anything douchey), but Max Greenfield somehow made him into a really well-rounded and lovable characterful. (Not to mention a really funny character).  Here's a clip:

 Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Film
  • Hayden Panettiere - Nashville
  • Archie Panjabi - The Good Wife
  • Sarah Paulson - Game Change
  • Maggie Smith - Downton Abbey
  • Sofia Vergara - Modern Familiy
Of the five women nominated, there's only one comedic actress nominated, and that's Sofia Vergara.  Despite being surrounded by a really talented cast on Modern Family, Sofia always stands out as one of the funniest of the bunch. While most of what she says sounds funny to begin with because of her Colombian accent, she really maximizes the laughs with her excellent comedic timing.  In this clip, Sofia Vergara's Gloria shows off her ventriloquism skills as she shares her old dummy Mr. Grumpy with the family:

Good luck to all our picks!  The Golden Globes will air Sunday January 13th on NBC hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!  Here's a promo!

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