December 24, 2012

A Very Hey Arnold Christmas

Following our Chanukkah post, we figured it only be fair to post a clip for Christmas as well.  Unlike the case with Chanukkah, there are no shortage of great Christmas specials.  Nearly every great sitcom dating back to I Love Lucy has a great Christmas episode, and there are plenty of lists out there which will rank their favorite ones (like this one for example).  But as was the case with Chanukkah, we've decided to post a less mainstream clip that you probably won't find on every other TV blog on the internet.  Out of all the great Christmas episodes out there, our favorite one is actually from the 90's Nicktoon (Nickelodeon cartoon) Hey Arnold!.  The season 1 episode entitled "Arnold's Christmas" has the perfect blend of heart and humor that is rarely found in a children's cartoon.  To any child of the 90's, this is sure to bring back some great memories.  And to everyone else, you're in for a great treat.  And for all of you, I dare you not to tear up at the end.  Here's the episode in its entirety:

Hey Arnold!: "Arnold's Christmas"
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Merry Christmas to all those celebrating!

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