October 1, 2012

October SNL Hosts Announced!

The next 2 Saturday Night Live hosts have been announced!  So far, still no hosts from our New SNL Host Wishlist or Guest Blogger Daniel's New SNL Host Wishlist, but we're excited for these hosts none the less!  After previously announced Daniel Craig hosts SNL this Saturday night, here's who the next SNL hosts will be:

10/13 Christina Applegate (with musical guest Passion Pit)
Christina Applegate will be returning to SNL to host for her second time, after previously hosting almost 20 yeas ago back in 1993.  While we were hoping that Will Arnett would be the next Up All Night star to host following Maya Rudolph last year, we're very excited to see Applegate back on the show.  She's very funny each week on Up All Night, so hopefully her hosting stint can help boost the ratings for the struggling show.  Applegate has also appeared in many hilarious comedy films, most notably in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Bergundy opposite Will Ferrell.  Maybe Will Ferrell will make a cameo as Ron Bergundy to promote their upcoming Anchorman sequel coming out next year? When in Rome! Here's Christina Applegate's monologue from her first time hosting in 1993:

10/20 Bruno Mars
Up next will be singer Bruno Mars, who will pull double duty as host and musical guest.  Bruno Mars is an interesting choice as he doesn't really have much acting experience.  Although, I suppose I would have said the same thing about Justin Timberlake before his first time hosting, and he turned out to be probably the greatest SNL host of the past decade.  So who knows, maybe Bruno Mars will be great.  Or maybe he'll be unmemorable like other pop stars who've hosted lately like Taylor Swift or Katy Perry.  I guess we won't know for sure until October 20.  Either way, we're excited for the show and looking forward to see how he does!  

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