October 9, 2012

TV News Roundup: Community and Louie Delayed, Office's Angela Gets New Show

There's been a lot of interesting TV news stories coming out over the last 24 hours, so we thought we'd give you a quick rundown of what's going on.

First, NBC has announced that new seasons of Community (and Whitney, if anyone actually cares about that show) will not be premiering next Friday October 19th as originally planned, but will be returning at some as-of-yet unannounced date in the future.  We recently posted about how excited we were to see Community's new season, so this news naturally comes as a disappointment.  However, it may not be bad news after all.  Community was set to air in the horrible time slot of Friday night at 8:30, a night that most people are out and not watching TV, and after Whitney, the universally hated sitcom that no one knows why was actually renewed for a 2nd season.  If it came back next Friday, it would almost certainly fail, especially since NBC has been investing all their promotional money on their new shows like Go On and Revolution.  Since they're holding off on setting a return date, they can see how the current shows are doing, and use Community (and Whitney) to replace shows they decide to cancel.  One theory going around is that NBC might cancel the low-rated new comedy Animal Practice and replace it with Whitney (which would pair nicely with fellow-multicamera sitcom Guys with Kids) and possibly replace Up All Night with Community  on Thursday nights.  I've been watching Animal Practice, and it's my least favorite new show of the season, so I'd be fine with it getting canceled (this would also free up Crystal the Monkey's schedule, so she can return to Community as Annie's Boobs!).  However, I do enjoy Up All Night, so I hope it doesn't get canceled.  I just want to see Community back on the air as soon as possible, in a good time slot, without any of my favorite shows getting canceled.  Fortunately, it's not my job to figure out how to do that, so whoever is responsible for that decision, I hope you make it wisely.

In somewhat related news, the FX summer comedy Louie will be going on hiatus, and pushing its 4th season premier from summer 2013 to late spring 2014.  Creator/writer/director/editor/star Louis CK is the one who requested the delay, as he is busy traveling around the country with his annual standup tour, and wants extra time to write and film the 4th season of the show to make sure its not rushed and will be the best it can possibly be.  Once again, while we are disappointed that our new favorite summer show will not be back next year, we know that Louis really does put a lot of effort into keeping his show fresh and creative, and if waiting an extra year means we'll get a better end result, than I suppose its worth the wait.  And it's not like our summer will be completely Louis-free. He's set to appear in the next Woody Allen movie coming out next summer!

Lastly, we have some good news!  It looks like after The Office ends this season, Angela Kinsey might be following Mindy Kaling over to FOX.  FOX has reportedly ordered up a pilot produced by and starring Angela Kinsey (Angela on The Office) and Rachel Harris (The Hangover) entitled Dirty Blondes.  The show will be based on the two actresses real-life friendship, and how their friendship strengthens as they both go through a divorce.  While this is good news for Angela and it sounds like a great show, this seems to indicate that Angela will not be appearing on the proposed Dwight Schrute spinoff The Farm.  So if that's the case, does that mean that the two characters won't end up together?  Bad news for Dwangela fans. But then again, I'm sure she could make occasional guest appearances (as Mindy Kaling did on The Office earlier this season) so maybe we're over-analyzing this.  Congrats to Angela on the new pilot!

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