October 27, 2012

Stephen Colbert on The Office as Broccoli Rob!

Ever since the character of Andy Bernard was first introduced on The Office, he made it clear that a cappella was a large part of his past.  Here's a clip from the first episode of season 3, Andy's first appearance, where he talks about his time at Cornell at his participation in their a capella group "Here Comes Treble":

As the seasons have progressed and we've gotten to know more about Andy, we've learned more about his time with "Here Comes Treble", and all of his fellow "Here Comes Treble" buddies.  In this season 5 episode, Andy tells his fiance Angela (remember when they used to be engaged?) that Here Comes Treble will be performing at their wedding, and that the whole gang will be staying over at their house.  Here he lists them all by their college nick names:

And while many "Treblers" were named, it later becomes clear that Broccoli Rob is his one main rival.  He is mentioned many times throughout the series, such as in the season 6 premier "Rumors" where Andy assumes that Broccoli Rob is the one who told Kevin that he was gay:

Later in season 8, Broccoli Rob sends Andy a little Halloween text.

And now, in the 9th and final season, Broccoli Rob finally appears.  And he's played by none other than the great Stephen Colbert!  Check out the following two clips of Colbert as Broccoli Rob, who's up to his old tricks, as he steals Andy's college legacy:

While it was great to finally get to meet Broccoli Rob, and have him played by Stephen Colbert no less, it was a little disappointing that Broccoli Rob only appeared via Skype and that he and Andy never got to meet face to face.  It was also a little anticlimactic that after all the hype, Broccoli Rob really didn't get to sing that much.  It would have been great if we could actually see the Andy and Broccoli Rob "sing off" that was mentioned in the second clip.  Who knows, maybe we will later this season.  Regardless, it was great having Stephen Colbert on The Office, especially as Andy's old rival.  Colbert and Ed Helms actually have a history, as they both worked as Daily Show correspondents together.  Here's a clip of Colbert and Helms on The Daily Show doing the classic segment "Even Stevphen". The segment was originated with Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell, but as was the case on The Office, Ed Helms takes over after Steve Carrell left the show.

Here's hoping that Broccoli Rob returns to The Office later this season!  Only 17 episodes left!

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