October 5, 2012

Jimmy Fallon on iCarly!

iCarly is a popular show on the children's network of Nickelodeon.  While we're certainly not regular viewers, we have seen some episodes of the show, and it is actually pretty funny as far as children's shows go.  In fact, the show has many adult fans, including two of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's writers Mike DiCenzo (Mets Bucket Hat Guy) and John Haskell (Walter Kump).  Miranda Cosgrove (who stars as the titular character Carly) has often appeared on Late Night as a guest, and one time she even faced off with the two Late Night writers for some iCarly trivia:

Anyway, tomorrow night (Saturday 10/6) iCarly will kick off its final season with a special 1 hour episode featuring Jimmy Fallon as a special guest star.  Not only that, the iCarly gang will actually be appearing on Late Night within the episode, which will also feature Higgins, The Roots, and Jimmy's rival/animal trainer Jeff Musial!  And if that wasn't enough, rumor has it that Jimmy's old SNL buddies Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch will be appearing as well! Don't miss Jimmy Fallon on iCarly tomorrow night (Saturday 10/6) at 8:00 pm on Nickelodeon! Here's a trailer:

Also don't miss Jerry Trainor (Spencer on iCarly) as Jimmy's guest on Late Night tonight!

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