August 29, 2012

SNL Hosts Announced!

A few day ago, I made a wishlist of the Top 10 new SNL hosts I'd like to see this season.  Well the first 3 hosts have been announced, and so far I'm 0/3.  The hosts are a bit surprising, but should make for an interesting season nonetheless.  The first 3 SNL hosts for this season (all pictured in tuxedos with black bow ties) are as follows:

9/15 Seth MacFarlane (with musical guest Frank Ocean)
Seth MacFarlane Actor Seth MacFarlane attends the FOX Emmy party at Cicada on September 20, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.
The SNL season premier will be hosted by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. This is an interesting choice as although he does a lot of voicework, he's really not much of an actor.  He is known for creating writing, and voicing many characters in his hit animated series Family GuyAmerican Dad, and The Cleveland Show, as well as writing, directing, and voicing the Teddy Bear in this summer's film Ted.  But in terms of actual live-action acting, Seth has really only done a few minor roles.  While I don't consider myself a big Family Guy fan, I do acknowledged Seth is a really talented and funny guy, so I am interested to see what he'll do as host.  I know he also is a great singer, and loves doing big musical numbers, so I'd bet that he will do a big musical opening monologue.  I also wouldn't be surprised if there was a cameo by some of his Family Guy/Ted friends, like Seth Green, Mila Kunis, and/or Mark Wahlberg.  And perhaps a live-action Family Guy sketch?

9/22 Joseph Gordon-Levitt (with musical guest Mumford & Sons)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt will return to SNL to host for his second time on 9/22.  He did a good job when he first hosted in 2009, so I'm sure he'll do another good job this time around.  Last time, he had a great musical monologue where he performed "Make 'Em Laugh", and appeared in many memorable sketches, such as "The Mellow Show" where he impersonated Jason Mraz.  Perhaps "The Mellow Show" will return?  With another cameo by Dave Matthews?  Or an appearance by a different mellow guy like John Mayer? It's unlikely with Andy Samberg no longer on the show, but who knows.  Regardless, Joseph Gordon-Levitt always seems truly happy to be on stage, which makes him a lot of fun to watch.  I'm looking forward to seeing him host again.

10/6 Daniel Craig (with musical guest Muse)
After a week off, SNL will return on October 6 hosted by James Bond himself, Daniel Craig.  Craig is a very interesting choice because he seems to be a very serious guy, and I don't believe he's ever played a comedic role (aside from the mildly amusing Olympics bit, which I really didn't find all that funny).  While this does worry me a bit, as comedians usually make the best SNL hosts, I am interested to see how silly Daniel Craig is willing to get.  If he's willing to have fun and play off his serious image, then he may very well make a good host.  I suspect there will be some sort of James Bond sketch, and probably some reference to his Olympic bit with the queen.  This should be a very interesting episode.

In addition to these regular episodes of Saturday Night Live, there will also be 2 SNL Primetime Specials on Thursday 9/20 and Thursday 9/27.  These 30 minute SNL specials will focus on election coverage, as the Presidential election heats up.  So lot's of SNL coming up next month!  Still no word yet on if Jason Sudeikis will be returning to the show, or who will be joining to cast to replace Andy, Kristen, and Abby, but we'll be sure to post updates when we find out!

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  1. Guest Blogger DanielSeptember 2, 2012 at 4:02 PM

    Very excited bout these choices. Not a big Family Guy fan it but it cannot be denied that MacFarlene is a fun, original comedian. JGL is a terrific choice. He hosted a very good show in season 35 but whats more he brought an energy that not very many hosts bring, even the most enthusiastic ones. JGL can be counted on to totally commit to every role in every skit and I expect that will be a fantastic show. Craig is a good actor and his episode will likely be one with various recurring skits which I am ok with. All the same I expect Daniel Craig to hold his own as an SNL host.