August 6, 2012

Clip of the Day: William Frawley on The Lucy Show

101 years ago today, Lucille Ball was introduced to the world.  And that means it was just 1 year ago that we attended Lucy Fest 2011 for Lucy's 100th Birthday!  So in honor of Lucy's birthday, we thought we'd post a very special Clip of the Day!

After I Love Lucy ended, Lucy had another successful show on TV called The Lucy Show.  For the first 3 seasons, Lucy starred with Vivian Vance (who played Ethel on I Love Lucy) as two single mothers living together as roommates and raising their children together.  After season 3 ended, Vivian Vance left the show due to a scheduling conflict, and Lucy continued on for 3 additional seasons without her (starring alongside her always hilarious rival Mr. Mooney, played by Gale Gordon, who was introduced in season 2).

On I Love Lucy, Vivian Vance of course starred opposite William Frawley, who played her curmudgeon husband Fred.  While they played a married couple on the show, the two hated each other in real life, and after the show ended, they never spoke to each other again.  So naturally, Vivian Vance would never agree to Frawley appearing on The Lucy Show while she was there.  But, once she was out of the picture in season 4, Lucy had William Frawley make a little cameo on The Lucy Show, which turned out to be his last on-screen appearance before his death the following year.  

Ever since we finished watching the complete series I Love Lucy on DVD last year, we've been watching The Lucy Show on and off when we don't have anything else to watch.  And as it turned out, we happened to watch William Frawley's appearance on episode 6 of season 4 today, on what would have been Lucy's 101st birthday!  

So I know it's a very long and rambling introduction, but here is today's Clip of the Day, William Frawley's cameo on The Lucy Show!  Happy Birthday Lucy!

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