August 18, 2012

Random TV Clip of the Day: Amy Adams on The Office

Today we woke up late and walked through Central Park to get some brunch when we happened to stumble upon the line for Shakespeare in the Park's production of the classic Sondheim musical Into the Woods.  Despite the fact that people had been lining up since 6:00am to get tickets to the free show, we were told that if we got in line now (at about 12:00), that we should still get tickets when they gave them out at 1:00.  So after an hour of waiting in line with some very chatty strangers, we got the tickets!  We're looking forward to the show tonight, which stars 3-time Academy Award nominee Amy Adams.  While Amy Adams is mostly known for her film work (Enchanted, Julie & Julia, Doubt, The Fighter, The Muppets), she actually had a recurring role on the first two seasons of The Office as  Katy, a girl who stops by Dunder Mifflin to sell purses and eventually dates Jim.  Here's a clip of Amy Adams from her first appearance on The Office as the titular character in the Season 1 finale, "Hot Girl".

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