August 8, 2012

Olympic TV Show Clips

It's the Olympics!  The 2012 London Olympics are in full swing, so we thought it was a good time to look back at some of our favorite Olympic-themed TV show clips!

While most cities fight to have prestigious Olympic games held in their city, we know one city that definitely does NOT want to host the Olympics - Portland!  Check out this hilarious clip from Portlandia to see why:

Can't watch the Olympics all day because you're stuck at work?  No problem, just host your own Office Olympics, like the Dunder Mifflin gang did in this classic episode of The Office!  (Works best while you're boss is out for the day shopping for a condo...)

Over on 30 Rock, Jenna helped Kenneth complete his application to be a NBC Page at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  (The scene that follows this one, with Kenneth racing to submit his application on time, is much better, but is sadly nowhere to be found on the Internet.  So you'll just have to watch this one.)

After the amazing Olympics hosted by Beijing in 2008, many feared that London would not be prepared to host the games in 2012.  Among those was Liz Lemon's British wedding date (and the man the universe seemed to be forcing her to spend the rest of her life with), Wesley Snipes.

The Olympics continue on NBC, with the Closing Ceremony scheduled for this Sunday night.  Then it's just one short month until all our TV shows come back on the air!

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