May 27, 2012

SNL: The Best of Kristen Wiig

While the futures of Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis on Saturday Night Live are still in question, one thing is for sure - Kristen Wiig has left the show.  And while we are of course sad to see her go, we know that she hasn't left forever.  No one truly leaves SNL.  If you've made your mark as a good cast member, then you'll be invited back for years to come.  Just this season alone, we've had Jimmy Fallon, Maya Rudolph, and Will Ferrell all return to host (also Ben Stiller, who was technically  a cast member for a few months in 1989), and Darrell Hammond, Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Horatio Sanz, Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan, Ana Gasteyer, Will Forte, and Chris Parnell all came back for cameos (Jimmy and Maya actually cameoed as well, in addition to their hosting). Nevertheless, Kristen's time as a cast member has come to an end, which means that hopefully we'll soon see a "Best of Kristen Wiig" DVD.  I have a fairly large collection of SNL "Best Of" DVDs (pictured below), and I'm looking forward to adding Kristen Wiig to my collection.  

While no "Best of Kristen Wiig" DVD has officially been announced yet, here's our prediction of what Kristen's DVD will look like:

Cold Open: Nancy Pelosi
SNL "Best Of" DVDs usually try to follow the pattern of a typical SNL episode, so it would probably start with a cold open sketch, such as this one with Kristen Wiig as speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi.

Monologue: Melissa McCarthy
If they decide to include a monologue, then it should be this one, where Kristen Wiig dances with her Bridesmaids co-star Melissa McCarthy.

Target Lady
Next would probably be some of Kristen's early characters, such as our personal favorite, Target Lady!  Approved!

2 A-Holes
While Kristen has brought back many of her earlier characters lately, this early popular sketch was never done after 2008.  Here's the very first "A-Hole" sketch with Jason Sudeikis and host Jack Black.

It's everyone's favorite one-upper, Penelope!

Secret Word
And who can forget legendary Broadway actress Mindy Gracen, as a contestant on the game show Secret Word.

Weekend Update: Aunt Linda, Judy Grimes, Garth & Kat
Kristen Wiig has also had many popular Weekend Update characters.  I'm picturing a series of her popular Update characters, including film critic Aunt Linda, the extremely nervous Judy Grimes, and the heavily improvised singing duo Garth & Kat

After the Update medley, we'd probably go back to one of Kristen's characters, such as the grossly seductive Shannah.

It wouldn't be the Best of Kristen Wiig, without one of her most popular characters, Gilly.

Impression Medley
Next there would probably be a a medley of short clips of ome of Kristen's most popular impressions, such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Suze Orman, Bjork, Michele Bachman, Paula Deen, and others (maybe some Kris Jenner, Taylor Swift, Drew Barrymore, Lana Del Ray, and the Tanning Mom)

Today Show
Next we'd probably get the Today show sketch, with Kristen's hilarious Kathy Lee Gifford impression.

Lawrence Welk Show
Leading into the finale, we'd probably see Kristen's crazy character of Dooneese from The Lawrence Welk Show.

She's a Rainbow
I don't think there's any other way to end a "Best of Kristen Wiig" collection, then with the She's a Rainbow sketch, where each cast member and Lorne share a farewell dance with Kristen during her final moments as an SNL cast member.

And that's it!  Seven seasons of SNL reduced down to one DVD.  While no plans for a Best of Kristen Wiig DVD have been announced yet, a DVD of the "Women of SNL" special that aired last season will be released on July 3!  This DVD includes many sketches starring SNL's funniest women, including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Molly Shannon, Ana Gasteyer, and yes, Kristen Wiig! This should help hold us over until Kristen gets her own DVD!

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